That's Not How You Sail A Boat

That's Not How You Sail A Boat

Hey, a sailing boat is not a balance beam! You shouldn't do crazy tricks on it like that! Apparently Sail Simulator 5 let's you do it if you are lucky enough and if you're hitting the high seas at 32km/h.

No doubt it's a logical way to make virtual sailing exciting. Just as exciting as virtual woodcutting or handling virtual cranes.


    Yarrrrgh the ocean be a cruel mistress.

    I think these simulator games are unravelling a new genre. The shitty physics genre.

    I had a moment like this back in mercenaries two, the boat would just tip over endlessly.

    It would be nice if you could give a source to the video you took the .gif from.
    Cr1tical's Youtube channel (penguinz0)

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