The BioShock Infinite VGX Award Video Was Wonderful

Though there have been some awful moments today — please don't make me watch PewDiePie again — this stood out as one genuinely great segment of the 2013 Spike VGX.

Irrational Games won Best Shooter for their game BioShock Infinite. Watch their lovely acceptance video above.


    I liked Bioshock Infinite, but I felt the shooting elements were the weakest part of the game.

    Though I guess the award also takes into account things like story and world design, and it's just in the shooter catagory because it's played in first person and has guns (I really wouldn't consider the game a shooter, though).

    an Interesting premise covering up a lack of substance as a shoo... i mean speech

    fitting :P

      Well, compared to the other mainstream shooters, it's a lot more complex in terms of it's weaponry/powers etc (it's actual shooting).

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        It still follows the generic FPS formula, 2-4 guns + corridors + superfluous gimmick.

        I felt like they took bioshocks gameplay and slapped it together with modern generic FPS mechanics In a way that didn't quite work.

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          I felt the combat was about the same and I liked the story a lot more (I know not everyone feels that way).

    The kind of people who say Infinite was a good game are the same kind of people who say Avatar was a good movie.

    Eh, I don't think it was the best shooter. It was a great game and I enjoyed the story a lot. But the shooting got in the way of the story telling. It was like "I'm really enjoying this world ... oh crap, now I gotta wade through more shooting segments to get to the next part of the story".

    The shooting felt like a an obstacle, a roadblock to enjoying that world and the story.

    I think the shooting formula for the story was wrong. Story was ok (though thought it was more pretty art than an actual real world) but I think they should go the Uncharted/LoU route and made a great third person action/stealth game.

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