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Well, I told you beeawwb's haiku would be tough and I was right! We're going to have to drop a wee picture to make things easier!

But first, here's the original haiku:

Throw down the Gauntlet and don’t let the bad bugs bite. Fourplay? I can’t spell.

Then later beeawwb was good enough to drop this clue into the comments...

Square pegs will go deep. This pile of old weapons has a decimal point.

And, as promised, here's a little image to get your neurons firing.


    Gah. That image looks familiar. The Haiku's are sounding rather Roguelike.

    Or maybe it's ZZT.

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      A bit Roguelike though
      Not text-based like ZZT.
      Have an adventure?

        Hrm. Maybe something like the original Ultima then.

          Ultima is way
          more complex than this game (which
          came out six years later).

            So that would make it 1987. Hm.

            There seems to be a lot of Gauntlet clones around in 1987. Garrison it the only one I can see with 4 players.

            Altenatively, I'll throw in "Astonishing Adventures of Mr. Weems and the She Vampires" because it might have the best name ever.

              You're on the right track.
              But now I wish that it
              was that awesome name.

                How about "Gladiator"? Seems to fit most of the criteria.

            Ok. This is frustrating me.
            I interpreted that the game in the haiku came out 6 years later which would mean 1987.
            however the GFX for that time were far more advanced than what you have there in the screenie. But interpret it the other way, go back to 1975 and thats the birth of computer games where there wasnt even color yet! why u do this? why u no make it Biker Mice from Mars?

              Not everything was
              advanced in '87.
              The UK shrank down.

                OMG!!! Well played, good sir. That set me on the track of the BBC Micro (UK shrank down), which then led to me looking at Gauntlet-like games for it before realising that the game is Dunjunz!

                  And it's published by Bug-Byte... You are a master of the Haiku!

                  Well done :)

                  Clues explained:

                  Throw down the Gauntlet: It's a Gauntlet clone
                  "Bad bugs bite": Released by Bug-Byte software.
                  Fourplay? Four player.
                  Can't spell: Stupid spelling of "Dungeons"

                  Square pegs will go deep: A "square hole" advances to next level.
                  Pile of old weapons has a decimal point: "Pile of Weapons" gave 10 points.

                  "Food not in pie form / 5 points for effort": "Food" gave 5 points (and health)

                  "How they fit all the peeps on one keyboard": All 4 players shared the keyboard.

                  "The girl in this game / no rescue needed": Interestingly the "warrior" character was a woman.

                  And the 1987 / BBC Micro clues were figured out.



                  That was quite the marathon game. I dip my hat to the both of you.

                  Haha, I understood the four-player reference, but the "can't spell" clue flew straight past me. Same with square pegs and the pile of weapons. You must remember that game very fondly to remember the point system!

    The clues puzzle me, but maybe "Defender of the Crown" going by the image.

    This pile of old weapons has
    a decimal point.

    Does that mean there was a pie in the weapons?

      Although there was food
      it was not found in pie form.
      5 points for effort.

    It looks like an early sidescroller
    ANSI like graphics, very ms-paint like
    most likely using text commands to control
    and that screen shot looks familiar

      What I want to know
      is how they fit all the peeps
      on only one keyboard.

    Once this game is guessed
    I promise I will explain
    all cryptic haiku.

    Super Robin Hood?

      ha, i actually thought that too, that game was really hard I couldn't even get past the first dude when i was a kid.

        The girl in this game
        is not the Marian type.
        No rescue needed.

          ooh, I hope I actually know the game cause I feel like it's taunting me. :P

    Given the (many) hints, all I can come up with is some kind of Gauntlet clone from back in the day when multiplayer meant fitting four people on a keyboard. Maybe Druid or Demon Stalker?

      You're on the right track.
      Druid and Demon Stalker
      are too well known though.

    Dawnssley? The ground kind of looks the wall textures in the screenshots I've seen

      Dawnssley almost fits
      but only has two players.
      You're on the right track.

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