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Neon Jackal coming in late with dat knowledge. Yesterday's haiku from Zar was a vague one and a good challenge, but the Jackal was correct — it was Dig Dug. Well done!

Today's haiku comes from plime97. Good luck everyone!

Weaving through the streets Pesky creatures dropping mines Can they even drive?

This is HaiTaku. We write Haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Send it here!


    No Haiku written
    Time is running out for me
    Biker Mice from Mars

      Haha, I can't believe he chose this Haiku that I wrote, but seriously, you need to be more specific when saying "Biker Mice From Mars" ;) You're so close!

        Wasn't the game actually called biker mice from mars? Although as a snes game was is super biker mice from mars

          True, it was just called "Biker Mice From Mars", let's forget the more recent one ever existed!

        Decoy never misses a daily hitaku or scribbletaku when it comes to Biker Mice from Mars.

        Toby: Gee. How'd you ever get us this great new house, Santa Throttle?
        Throttle: Well, Toby, let's just say it was a contribution from a big man in the business world.
        Modo: Anyway, litte dogies, 'twas the night before Christmas...
        Throttle: ...and all through the house...
        Vinnie: ...not a creature was stirring...
        Biker Mice: ...EXCEPT FOR THE MICE! [They start to cheer as Vinnie laughs, Throttle whistles, and Modo shouts, "Party!" The camera zooms in on Limburger, Karbunkle, and the Weathermeister who are hanging by a thread from the weather plane which is stuck on the roof.]
        Limburger: [after a snowflake hits his face] BAH, HUMBUG! [blows snowflake off as episode ends]

          kk, you win! (and really know your Biker Mice...)

    I'm just feeling Mario Kart 64 -- that track, I forget the name, where you're on an actual road.

    And Toad's a creature, right!?

    I'm not really sure
    But I'm gonna have a guess :
    Rock n' Roll Racing?

      Is that your guess, or google's? ;-)

      Last edited 12/12/13 12:29 pm

      That was my guess too.

      God, I still love that game!

      That does almost fit
      Cool, but this Haiku was made
      For Decoy's rodents.

    Potty Pigeon

    wacky wheels?

    nope, mine.
    I remember playing it on a store demo console in Big W when I was a kid. & then stumbling across a copy in cash converters a few years later...

    Edit : Reply fail. that was for @edenist

    Last edited 12/12/13 12:52 pm

    S.T.U.N. runner or Cel Damage.

      I remember Cel Damage! It was soooo amazing (well, at least I thought it was...) Still play it to this day!

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