Tearaway: The Definitive Video Game For The Vita

Tearaway: The Definitive Video Game For The Vita
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Tearaway, I write in today’s New York Times, is a system-defining game for the PlayStation Vita. It’s as perfect for Vita as Super Mario 64 was for the N64 and Brain Age was for the DS.

Some music is made for violin and unimaginable for trumpet. Other pieces are best on piano, worst on drums. Some video games are also like this, designed particularly for a particular instrument. An oddity called Tearaway, recently released by the British studio Media Molecule, is one such game. It enjoys the fortune and suffers the misfortune of being perfect for the unorthodox and not very popular hand-held PlayStation Vita…

A struggling system can certainly have a great game that is perfectly tailored for it, and that is what we have with Tearaway. It’s a piece of music well worth playing. But you’ll have to buy an obscure instrument just for it.

Read the rest in today’s paper or on the Times’ site. And read our own Kotaku review, too.
Better yet… play this game!


  • Its rather cheap as well – only $27 I imagine. And if Sony wants more sales of the Vita (which is really a rather good handheld), why not bring over some of their more interesting titles that didnt really sell on PS3? I would think Puppeteer and 3D Dot Game Heroes would do well on the system.

  • I love my Vita and play it pretty much every day and when I get my ps4 remote play will further its awesomeness but does anyone else think the such generous offering that is ps plus works against games like this and the vita itself? I mean I want this and would definitely buy it for the $30 odd dollars it is but I’m just saying “hey I’ve got all these other great free ps plus games to play, il just wait til this inevitably is free on ps plus aswell”
    – as good as ps plus is I think, especially in terms of the vita, it could actually be a negative for the system and more specifically for game sales on the system which ultimately means no new games will be released.

    • It’s a catch-22. Not enough games on the Vita, which means chances of it popping up on PS+ are high. Which means low sales. Which means not many new games being developed.

      That’s why Uncharted has been on PS+ for over a year, maybe two.

      I love my Vita too, but it just needs more handheld games to be attractive to the mass market. Start porting indie games, and make more new IPs.

  • The Vita is awesome. Tearaway is like playing a Nintendo IP on a Sony machine, perfect.

    Amazing spiderman is a nice recent addition to the library too.

    • Yes but having not played Borderlands, mainly because I don’t want to spend that much time sitting in front of the TV, it would be great to play those kinds of games on a handheld when you are stuck somewhere having to kill time.

      I think they should bring in these types of long, RPG or loot collection games to Vita.

      Diablo 3, would be great.

      All in all the Vita has enormous potential as we see full fledged PS3 generation games being ported over in a matter of months. As time goes by it’s only going to get easier.

      I’m really looking forward to Borderlands 2.

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