The First 15 Minutes Of WildStar Make A Compelling Case For More

Signing up for a new subscription-based MMORPG is a big decision, especially when it's an untested brand like Carbine's colourful WildStar. helpfully recorded the first 15 minutes of beta play, which just might help your decision along.

I'm glad they did, not because I am too lazy to record the first fifteen minutes of gameplay from a brand-new MMO, but because my first 30 minutes was spent hemming and hawing over character creation, which was pretty engrossing for me, but maybe not so much for you folks.

So, what do you think?


    Semi Interested in playing it, not interested in subscription. I don't play enough each day these days to make it worth it, especially given the other available options on the market.

    Didn't see anything in the video that stood out as "woh, that's new!". Standard MMO so far.

    Might wait till there's a trial available or something and try it out then.

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