The First Halo Game On Xbox One Looks A Little Different

Halo: Spartan Assault was originally banished to Windows 8 devices, but now that there’s a shiny new Xbox on the market, it’s available on Xbox One. So just in time for Christmas, I bring you a look at how the game plays on Xbox One.

We liked the original game, and the new version of Spartan Assault adds online co-op support so you can tactically train with a friend.

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  • I really feel like I’m the only person who not only has no interest in this game, but I also feel like it’s the next step in Microsoft milking the franchise to death and driving it into the ground.

    • I wouldn’t be so harsh on it. I’ve skipped Halo 4, ODST and Halo Wars (but not reach!) but I did give this a whirl due to the lack of quality stuff on the W8 marketplace. It plays really well and is genuinely a fun game in it’s own right.

      The fact that it’s branded Halo doesn’t take away from it’s quality nor does it diminish the quality of the Halo brand.

    • I like the halo universe and hope to see many more games, pity it hasn’t got hot seat??? Seems like its made for it.

  • It’s good to see them doing new things with Halo. Not all of them work (Halo Wars wasn’t great), but at least they are trying new things.
    I haven’t really enjoyed a Halo game since the first (ODST wasn’t bad). That is until Halo 4 dropped. It was refreshing and different. 343 did a great job.

    Reach was… kind of terrible and I don’t understand why people liked it so much. The checkpoints were in weird places that meant a lot of redoing long areas when you died. Couple that with the ridiculous number of trial and error insta death moments where vehicles would come over a blind hilltop and kill you and it was a really frustrating game that added not a whole lot to the canon and bludgeoned you with *SYMBOLISM* the entire time.

    • I thought Halo Wars was quite good for a console RTS. The campaign levels were always trying different things in terms of gameplay which helped to keep it fresh.

      Reach’s campaign wasn’t particularly good, but it’s multiplayer was my favourite in the series, but that might have been because I abused all of the unbalances in the game (Banshee mainly).

      Halo 4 was alright in terms of campaign and multiplayer. I would have enjoyed the campaign more if it had better writing. There was a lot of thrown in exposition so that new players could understand what was going on, which is alright if you can write well, and some of the characters were just stupid.

      • Yeah I loved Halo Wars. For a console RTS it played really well, and could’ve only been improved upon to give some credibility to the viability of RTS’ on a console. It was a shame that Ensemble went under.

    • Yes, they should make a rocket propelled grenade Halo.

      But seriously, I don’t get why they did not release H:SA on console earlier or at the same time as on WP8 and W8/RT. In fact it should have come out onto console first rather than last.

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