Ingress Season Finale Recap


The season finale of Niantic Labs’ augmented reality game Ingress kicked off over the weekend, with competing events in San Francisco and Buenos Aires. Check out the full video report below.

Ingress is played with mobile phones. Players claim spots of land all around the world and try to connect them in a game of tactical intrigue that focuses on a mysterious energy that has been unearthed by a team of scientists in Europe. Check out the report from yesterday’s San Fran operation below:

If you’re intrigued, the game just recently came out of beta — you can start playing on an Android device by heading to the Google Play Store.

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  • I just don’t understand the appeal of Ingress. I’ve tried to like it, but it just doesn’t rub my rhubarb.

  • Ingress is 100% a social game. Really the most fun i have had with this game is the conversation i have had with other players. If you try to look at the game from any other point of few, it just becomes a series of achievements you try to reach and nothing more. Really what you do has little effect on the “story” . there is no end,

    • This. Ingress has some interesting mechanics (FourSquare-style location visiting combined with strategic territory capture, capability leveling, gear collection, stats & achievements, and attack/defense mechanics), but it will eventually get boring as a single player, especially after hitting the level cap.

      But the game is designed for team play at higher levels. The best gear can only be obtained from portals built by multiple players working together, so organizations form to create high-level gear farms – and to deny the other faction theirs. This makes the game much more strategic and even psychological, plus of course the social benefits of team games. Adding even more interest, many players like to invent and attempt grand challenges and new styles of play (e.g. field art competitions).

      If you’re still playing alone at higher levels, try asking about local groups on Comms chat, or searching for Google+ communities. You may find the game gets a lot more interesting.

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