'The Graphics Are Definitely Like 10% Better Than The Old Xbox'

Warning: this post has spoilers for last night's South Park. So it turned out South Park's entire Black Friday trilogy — three episodes of Game of Thrones-style warfare waged over the Xbox One and PS4 — was just one big set up for South Park: The Stick of Truth. Amazing.

Check out the clip above for what will presumably lead into South Park's upcoming RPG (out this March unless it's delayed again), which revolves around the kids pretending to be in an RPG. Or watch all of last night's excellent episode right here.


    Those three episodes are fantastic and I love how trey Parker and Matt stone openly rip on Obsidian and every dev ever involved in stick of truth hahahaha

    Just finished watching all 3 back to back last night, and indeed it was hilarious. The Princess Kenny sections were amazing, and I laughed harder over these episodes than I have in the last couple of years at South Park in general. Brack Furiday Bunduru... I lost my crap…

    Can't wait for the game, haha

    Last edited 07/12/13 8:08 am

    Best SP ever. The 3 episodes are just brilliant for a billion reasons. Everyone needs to see it.

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