The Heartbreaking Side Of Pro Gaming

Professional gaming is on the rise. Everyone's playing, everyone's getting paid to play, everyone's watching, everyone's happy. Right? Nope. Just like any other sport on the planet, for every winner, there is a loser.

Yoon Sub "Locodoco" Choi is a pro League of Legends player. He's had a pretty rough time lately, bombing out unexpectedly in the latest LoL Championship Series (amongst other personal stuff).

Even League fans might have just written that off as a bad day, got on with their lives, but Choi has posted a video online which puts a very human face on things.

You'll either empathise (he is trying to make a "career" out of this) or double-down on your scepticism about esports (these games, dude). Either way, it's still a reminder that not everything in professional gaming is giant cheques, confetti and awful shirts with PC hardware logos all over them.

life sucks [YouTube, via Daily Dot]


    I cannot imagine a way to destroy my love for games more than relying on it to make a living......

    I remember when I was simply trying to maintain my 1.7-2.0 KDR in uncharted 2....... it turned me into a completely mental lunatic while playing. Getting angry because I got a 0.9 KDR? Really @edenist? Is this the kind of human you want to be?

    I stopped caring about stats, and I *enjoy* the game about 100x more now!

    Wow, and here I was thinking I had (first world) problems. Just the other day I was out hiking and only had 3 bars of LTE on my smart phone. My upload of a beautiful panorama shot I had taken took 25% longer to upload to Facebook.

    Meanwhile in the Phillipines -

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