The Most Searched For Game Cheat In 2013 Was… Scrabble?

The Most Searched For Game Cheat In 2013 Was… Scrabble?

Australians searched Google for scrabble cheats more than any other game this year, according to Google’s own statistics. In a surprise result, the Mattel board game took out the top slot for most searched game cheat, beating out the likes of GTAV, Minecraft and Candy Crush.

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At the end of each year, Google reveals Australia’s top searches for 2013 divided into various categories. While many of the results are predictable (The Block was the most searched for TV show, for instance), we were somewhat taken aback by the cheats category. Grand Theft Auto V was the only non-mobile video game made it into the top five, with word games dominating the list. Behold:

    Cheats (Most Searched)
  1. Scrabble Cheat
  2. GTA 5 Cheat
  3. Draw Something Cheat
  4. Fantasy Football Cheat
  5. Words Cheat
  6. Letterpress Cheat
  7. Sims 3 Cheats
  8. Crossword Cheat
  9. Minecraft Cheat Codes
  10. Candy Crush Cheats
  11. [clear] [clear] Just who are all these vocabulary blackguards and what sort of cheats are they expecting to find? We didn’t even realise it was possible to cheat in Scrabble — especially if there’s a dictionary on hand to challenge dubious looking words.

    You can check out the rest of Google’s Aussie search barometre results in the video below:


  • That’s probably because most games don’t have cheat codes anymore. Which is kind of sad. Nothing was more fun than running around in Golden Eye and Perfect Dark with DK mode on.

    • It’s one of the downsides to trophies/achievements/e-Peen points, ensuring that no one gets them by cheating. Though there are a couple of games that I’ve seen that will disable achievements if you enable cheats.

    • my memory is rather quite rusty but I seem to recall that DK mode was more an achievement rather than a cheat code.

      • All of the cheats in Golden Eye had to be earned. Some of the were nightmarishly difficult. Would be great to see that come back into more games – you get an achievement and earn a big head mode or silly hat mode or whatever else.

        • There was a few that could be put in via code in the multiplayer screen. The majority had to be earnt though.

    • I’m pretty sure this would be the case. I’ve seen people do it. Cheating in a friendly game against a friend. I’m not gonna name names but it was my mum.

  • Unsurprising. I had a brief affair with words with friends on my phone early this year which quickly petered out when it became apparent everyone was using cheat sites to come up with perfect words. If you get a few hundred thousand games a week filled with at least one person cheating relentlessly for the 15 or so words they put down, that’s a lot of searches.

    To clarify how you’d cheat, these sites seem to work by basically giving you every possible legal word for the letters you have. You just have to figure out where to fit them in.

    • Yeah you just need an ‘anagram solver’, throw in all your letters and it gives you the words you can make with them.

      Words with friends is pretty broken as a game now. Not only the anagram lookups, but alsovthe way the board has its multipliers laid out is completely mental, multiple word multipliers for single words etc…. I stopped after less than two days of annoyance.

  • I can understand the Scrabble cheat app.. I used to have a Words with Friends cheating app that would look a WWF screenshot and give me the highest scoring answer.

    Mind you, I think the people playing scrabble from the title picture need a spell checker. I don’t think BITEN is a legal word.

  • People have such shitty vocabularies that they can’t play scrabble games online without resorting to cheating? No wonder I stopped playing these games ages ago. I’d play randoms and they’d obviously start cheating and I’d STILL beat them, because it’s not just about vocab, it’s about positioning and making use of two-letter-words to maximise score. It’s still just not fun any more.

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