The Most-Viewed YouTube Gaming Videos Of 2013

10. A Minecraft mini-game lays the foundation for YouTube’s top 10 trending video game videos of 2013. It’s the only Minecraft-centric video on the list. Can you believe it?

9. Sony’s cheeky takedown of the Xbox One’s original used games policy was certainly one of the hottest (and most parodied) videos of the year.

8.YouTube’s screaming sensation PewDiePie’s cornucopia of random gameplay snippets takes the 8 spot.

7. The “Fishing in Baku” gameplay reveal for Battlefield 4 is incredibly lucky to be in slot number 7.

6. The official League of Legends music video starring Jinx only made it to spot 6? She was robbed.

5. Battlefield might be winning the war right now, but the marketing portion of the first-person shooter battle was won by Call of Duty: Ghosts.

4. The only thing more exciting than a League of Legends music video is a League of Legends story cinematic.

3. PewDiePie again? No wonder he showed up at the VGX.

2. People love video game marketing materials, especially when they are Grand Theft Auto V marketing materials.

1. And an early PlayStation 4 demo reel would lead them.


  • Now be like Youtube and take out any video made by people like PewDiePie and others using game footage that is not owned by them and what are the other 3 videos for this list?

    • All this time and I still cant figure out why his guy is so popular. Ive tried watching his videos many times and I always just end up quickly cringing and turning it off before going to shower with bleach and a wire brush. Guess it just comes down to the whole different strokes thing.

      Seriously though someone explain it to me…….

      • Right there with you dude. I tried watching one of his videos once and I think I lasted three minutes before wanting to watch something of higher intelligence… Like a cat video

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