The Next Star Wars Game Is... A Free-To-Play Online Space Game

Video game publisher Electronic Arts might have the rights to make real Star Wars games, but Disney is still milking that social/mobile/free-to-play online cow. Today they officially announced Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, an online space game set in the iconic sci-fi universe. And here's the Beta link...

To quote Disney: "Star Wars : Attack Squadrons is a free-to-play online space combat game where players customise iconic Star Wars ships and engage in high-velocity 16 player dogfights in fabled Star Wars locations."

You can sign up for the beta here. They're still using the LucasArts logo, which is very sad. RIP LucasArts.


    I'm taking bets right now. Who thinks EA will fuck up the Star Wars brand worse then what George Lucas did?

      I have a bit more faith. They only need to make one game and that is Battlefront. Which is essentially making a mod for Battlefield and releasing it as a full game.

        Yeah! Full of microtransactions and pushed past QA!

          Yeah. I can't argue with that. (or unlocks to help push microtransactions on people). Oh and a "premium" service which just locks part of the game away from a part of the player base unless they pony up more cash.

          The wonders of the future!

      What are we betting? I think EA knows what a valuable brand it is and aren't gonna piss it away.

        Like how they respect the Battlefield brand? :)

          Bf3 was awesome. Bf4 is very close with the update.

          Mass effect was amazing. Dragon ageis shaping up to be killer.

      This game is made by Disney interactive not EA, Disney kept the rights to make mobile,social and online games.

        I know that, that's why I'm making bets on predictions.

      EA... you'll not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

      Like I always say, they'll make the greatest Star Wars games ever, they'll just ruin them trying to add new additional revenue streams. They'll make a game that captures exactly what it feels like to be Han Solo, right down to the Hutts squeezing you for cash.

        Han Solo multiplayer skin available only to Premium members. For 5 bucks.

          It's not that Han Solo costs extra, it's that by default you're stuck with Jar Jar, C3PO and young Anakin. =P

          But lets face it, that's pretty much the digital version of the 'screw it, throw the logo on it, charge ten times as much and call it a collectable' spirit of Star Wars. The character doesn't have a name? Inanimate prop? Give it an action figure! Give it two in slightly different shades and a third 6 month anniversary collectors edition!
          I love Star Wars but I've got to admit in retrospect it makes Transformers and Ninja Turtles look like they held back.

            and then a year later EA will release another version that has extra CGI scenes.

      Woah dude, that's a big call. George has decimated it pretty fiercely, I don't know if anyone can top the abuse George has committed on the series.

    The Next Star Wars Game Is... A Free-To-Play Online Space Game

    I think there are a couple of letters missing from the headline, it should read...
    "The Next Star Wars Game Is... A Free(mium)-To-Play Online Space Game"

    for some reason i can see some cameo with disney in this...

      TIE Fighters with mickey mouse decals on the solar panels, X-Wings with goofy on the nose, perhaps even A(riel)-Wings...

      Last edited 18/12/13 2:07 pm

    Great. A game concept I would love but done delivered in a way I hate. Again.

    Although the trailer isn't supposed to be representative of gameplay... I'm getting a Rogue Leader vibe from this.
    Also, 16 player?.. that's not even 2 full squadrons, what the shit?

    Saying EA and Free game in the same sentence just feels wrong, as if i'm making some sort of horrible grammatical error. But then i just think of all the micro transactions and it goes away...

    Here's hoping it's less arcade like rogue-squadron and more sim like the X-Wing series

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