The Next Star Wars Game Is… A Free-To-Play Online Space Game

The Next Star Wars Game Is… A Free-To-Play Online Space Game

Video game publisher Electronic Arts might have the rights to make real Star Wars games, but Disney is still milking that social/mobile/free-to-play online cow. Today they officially announced Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, an online space game set in the iconic sci-fi universe. And here’s the Beta link…

To quote Disney: “Star Wars : Attack Squadrons is a free-to-play online space combat game where players customise iconic Star Wars ships and engage in high-velocity 16 player dogfights in fabled Star Wars locations.”

You can sign up for the beta here. They’re still using the LucasArts logo, which is very sad. RIP LucasArts.


    • I have a bit more faith. They only need to make one game and that is Battlefront. Which is essentially making a mod for Battlefield and releasing it as a full game.

        • Yeah. I can’t argue with that. (or unlocks to help push microtransactions on people). Oh and a “premium” service which just locks part of the game away from a part of the player base unless they pony up more cash.

          The wonders of the future!

    • Like I always say, they’ll make the greatest Star Wars games ever, they’ll just ruin them trying to add new additional revenue streams. They’ll make a game that captures exactly what it feels like to be Han Solo, right down to the Hutts squeezing you for cash.

        • It’s not that Han Solo costs extra, it’s that by default you’re stuck with Jar Jar, C3PO and young Anakin. =P

          But lets face it, that’s pretty much the digital version of the ‘screw it, throw the logo on it, charge ten times as much and call it a collectable’ spirit of Star Wars. The character doesn’t have a name? Inanimate prop? Give it an action figure! Give it two in slightly different shades and a third 6 month anniversary collectors edition!
          I love Star Wars but I’ve got to admit in retrospect it makes Transformers and Ninja Turtles look like they held back.

    • Woah dude, that’s a big call. George has decimated it pretty fiercely, I don’t know if anyone can top the abuse George has committed on the series.

  • The Next Star Wars Game Is… A Free-To-Play Online Space Game

    I think there are a couple of letters missing from the headline, it should read…
    “The Next Star Wars Game Is… A Free(mium)-To-Play Online Space Game”

  • Although the trailer isn’t supposed to be representative of gameplay… I’m getting a Rogue Leader vibe from this.
    Also, 16 player?.. that’s not even 2 full squadrons, what the shit?

  • Saying EA and Free game in the same sentence just feels wrong, as if i’m making some sort of horrible grammatical error. But then i just think of all the micro transactions and it goes away…

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