The PC Versus Console Debate, Simplified

The PC Versus Console Debate, Simplified

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to feel that being a PC gamer is more advantageous to your hobby. There are also valid statements made about being a console gamer.

It's been said before, and the deft hands at Dorkly are saying it again: let's just enjoy bonding over a shared love, no matter how we access it.

The PC Versus Console Debate, Simplified


    Your inferior bowls are holding back the crockery industry. Bowls are for the casual audience.

      BAH. My bowl can hold EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. Your plate cannot hold SOUP. Lets see you have SOUP. Bowls are superior.

        But is steak coming in bowl? It's exclusive to plate

          Hell yeah, steak fits in a bowl!

          Mmmmmmm suck on that plate....

            But that isn't how steak was intended to be eaten! It's better in its original medium.

            Looks like a rushed port for the bowl crowd.

              ROFL this got a huge laugh from me. You get my upvote lol.

              Last edited 13/12/13 1:24 am

              The bowl version definitely looks 720p. Would not buy!

            That is true, ordinary steak can be downscaled to fit in a bowl.

            I think shadow was mixed up with T-bone steak, which IS the plate exclusive (so many steaks going round these days). Steak knives can be purchase separately though they used to be included in the price of the meal.

              Holy shit... cutlery is DLC!?

                If you purchase the premium Demtel DLC package, you get all Four DLC packs as soon as their available, including Knife, Fork, Spoon (the weakest, by all reports) and Glass. And at a 5% discount on the total price for the four separately.

                  I hear there's the open source Knife-fork-spoon called the SPORK... not as popular as all three...

                Sorry, my mistake. The planned DLC packs are actually: Montreal, the Spice Rub, and the remade classic Salt & Pepper. Buy them individually or grab the Season Pass.

                Steak knives can be purchased but came as a pre-order bonus through DanosDirect. They are not essential but do away with some of the grind.

                  Thank you all for this thread. I just made a loud and embarrassing snorting noise in the middle of the office. :-)

                In this day and age, that surprises you? I'm amazed I don't have to pay for the game and separately pay for the download/to have it sent to me.

                  Eating costs 10 dollars. You can have the meal, you can have it in your presence, you can have it sit in front of you with most of its functionality, but to partake in it fully, eating it... 10 bucks bucko.

          Bowl - Japanese exclusives include ramen, soba and as well as don.
          Plate - Japanese exclusives include curry and as well as appetisers that require micro-transactions for additional bites.

          Anything else I missed?

    This seems more like regular console wars to me.

    Console/PC would be if an extra panel came along with some guy going on about how they are both wrong and he only eats his meals out of a mug.

      No. PC would be a guy who only eats his meals on silver service.

        exactly. I as a PC user, only eat ala carte.

        No, PC would have modular crockery, so they can change, upgrade, and assemble it themselves as they see fit, every now and again though one tiny part of your set wouldn't work with the food you want, and you would have to spend hours screwing around to nail down which part isn't working until your food is cold and you don't want it anymore. PlayStation would be all stoneware, and incompatible with silverware, while Xbox is all silverware and incompatible with stoneware.

        I think you meant to say out of a bag

      I can't help but think of the PC guy sitting there, bowl, plate, knives, forks, silver chalice, throne, all sorts of things infront of him saying 'Bitch please.'

        knives, forks

        Implying the peasants are there eating with their hands.

          Cheetos... fingerfood...


   - The Discovery That Changed The World

      It'd be a mug with 4k resolution, 16x AA & AF, textures larger than the entire memory of a console and be fully PhysX enabled.

      Oh and the multiplayer would be free

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        Dunno what you're talking about, I've never had to pay for multiplayer in all my life :P

        Last edited 13/12/13 12:39 am

        That mug would come in a pack of 256 mugs, possibly thousands of mugs, everyones able to take one of those mugs for free... however if one of the plate or bowl people want a mug they can rent a mug for 100 dollars per year... possibly 50 a year if they can find a good deal. But they still have to pay.

        Sure... but the mug handle on the mug would be incompatible with the potatoes in the meal.
        Of course you wouldn't know that until you'd already paid for the meal, which you couldn't return.

        Also, you wouldn't be able to figure out why the meal and the handle are incompatible from either the restaurant or the mug handle manufacturer. And when going online to seek assistance from the wonderful, helpful denizens of the internet, they will blithely tell you that it's your own fault for owning a mug with said handle... rather than actually, y'know, helping you.

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          A responsible mug owner does their handle research before purchasing

            Sure, but between my buying a mug and the release of said meal... the meal maker may have changed their potato recipe so that it uses a new kind of butter. A butter that is incompatible with the handle on my shiny, nitrogen cooled, neon lit, mug.

    Why not both?

    Tbh this seems more like xbone vs ps4, most PC users don't seem to bother with / care about console users much.

      HAHAHAHA. Oh, mercy. That's a good one.

    Wait, you eat portable takeaway? Must be a 3DS owner. Unless of course the food is... steamed... trololol :)

    I reckon a more appropriate comparison (while sticking with the food theme) would be people who prefer to cook for themselves vs people who prefer to go out to restaurants. Both can get excellent meals; one is just more invested in the details and complexities instead of just the end result.

      Hardly. That argument would have more in common with game developers and their consumers. I can't see how having a PC is similar to making your own food. Maybe if you designed your own PC and assembled it.

    That's clearly PS4 / Xbox One arguing. PC has plates, bowls, and they're all nicer, better performing and easier to get than the console crockery. But because everyone's so used to eating off crappier plates, The PC user has to deal with the leftover scraps they send his way.

    And during all of this... the tupperware guy is going 'But but but I'm quirky... I'm neat... I can do tiny little things like youya!'

    'porque no los dos?'

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    Both of the new plate/bowl models can't hold older versions of food. Despite it being a bowl 4, it can't be used for eating food 3, because eating older food on newer crockery is "backward"

    Most hilarious thread in a LONG time :D

    it's compromise vs no compromise. I compromised for years until I said "ENOUGH!" and bought a new PC last year.

      and turned into a pc elitist :P

      can't we all just be friends!!!!!

      welcome brother!
      come, your throne and silverware and golden chalice awaits you

      Last edited 15/12/13 10:17 am

    no thanks, I'll stick with my iMac, longest running computer. You'll never have to replace an iMac... Hang on, what are we talking about again?

      Unless you got the white iMac more than 5 years ago. See also aluminium iMacs in 1-3 years time, wait, what? Do not be ignorant, your iMac is just a PC with a different OS, of course it will need upgrading, it will need upgrading in *exactly* the same time frame as if you had purchased the components separately and installed Windows or Linux instead (And would have been cheaper).

    I only play my games in mobile, plastic takeaway cups.

    Regardless of whether PC is the plate or bowl, I just don't want to eat a mouse

    Got to love how the comments here are exactly what this cartoon is making fun of. Stupid fanboys.

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