The PlayStation 4 Has Sold 2.1 Million Units, Says Sony

As the PlayStation 4 sits in short supply here in Australia, Sony has stated it has sold a "record-setting" 2.1 million consoles now that it has launch in the US, Europe and Australia.

Andrew House revealed the numbers on the PlayStation Blog. The console has now launch in 32 countries and has sold out in many of them.

"It’s an impressive and record-setting accomplishment for our company and for our industry, and we couldn’t have done it without you," said House, in the blog. "I want to personally thank PlayStation fans, both old and new, for your vote of confidence."

House also promised that the PlayStation 4 would evolve, perhaps in reference to some reviews favouring the Xbox One over the PS4 as a result of its media capabilities.

"In addition to an incredible line-up of PS4 games from the best developers in the world," he said, "we will continue to introduce valuable new features and services to PS4 in the months and years ahead."

The challenge Sony now faces is keeping up with demand. Consumers without pre-orders are being asked to wait until 2014 to get their units, whilst some folks who have already pre-ordered are hoping their consoles will arrive before Christmas, but there are no guarantees it seems.

PS4 global sales update [PlayStation Blog]


    It's great to see this new gen having both Sony and MS working hard with their new consoles, this means better games & better experience! Gamers win all around!

    So, if the figures Microsoft and now Sony have released are accurate, that means that PS4 has outsold the Xbone 2:1. I've also read on various forums about people returning their Xbones, haven't read anything about a single person returning their PS4, so it would be interesting to see how different those figures are once returns are factored in.

    I haven't got a PS4 yet, so I can't say whether I like it better than the Xbone or not, but as it stands now I'm not too fond of the Xbone. I like the games and the controller is pretty great, but I HATE the User Interface (360 was a buttload easier to navigate), the install times, size of the updates (6GB for Forza 5) and the micro-transactions in the games. So unless the PS4 blows me away I think I'll only have consoles for the exclusives this gen and I'll just build myself a gaming PC for all the multi-platform stuff.

      Pretty sure the Xbone hasnt released in 32 Countries

        Well that's just another reason why PS4 is ahead of Xbox one.. Playstation was ready to release their console, whereas microsoft rushed out the console to early and now they are all breaking

      I got both and I'm actually far more impressed with the Xbox One than the PS4.

      To me it feels like the PS4 is a simple upgrade of the PS3, whereas the Xbox One really tried to do something different and be more than just an upgrade.

      I actually like the user interface and the install times weren't an issue because most of the games allowed you to play single player once they got to about 5% or 6%. Forza 5 seemed to be a one off but time will tell, I suppose.

      Time will tell

        To me it feels like the PS4 is a simple upgrade of the PS3

        You have just confirmed what I already thought to be true, that the PS4 is the console for me this gen. That's exactly what I want.

          I feel exactly the same way. I love the PS3 so much, a simple upgrade is all I could ever want.

        Does it really need to be anything other then a upgrade? Consoles are for gaming. Thats all what it needs to be.

        If you upgrade your PC, your experience isnt really changing, except that it will perform better. This is exactly what the PS4 is doing

        Seriously?? I found the new XB1 interface to be clunky, slow, viewing achievements is a debacle, you can't even view them if offline, and when online getting to them is insanely convoluted.
        No custom soundtracks (WTF??) , super-slow friends list and totally broken party system. Can't even see how much HDD space is left.

        Yes, the simple upgrade where they take away functionality from the previous version...Sony and MS have tried to out-tard themselves so far...MS might have gone full too early...

      The general consensus is yes, that the ps4 might have already outsold the xbone, 2:1. although at least until official up to date stats are released, that's only a fast estimate. but at this rate, it seems very feasible that the ps4 will reach the projected 5m sold by end of fiscal year march 2014.

      Though me thinks in the end, none of that matters, considering the 2nd last generation with ps2 and was in my opinion the best gen so far, for both sides, despite the ps2 winning by a mile.

      A lot of freakin amazing quality games came out then, and providing that this gen is much easier to develop for, i'm looking forward to a return to the great production value (in terms of gameplay and story, not just graphics) that we had back then.

      Saying Sony has outsold MS 2:1 is not really a fair call, the 1 million consoles Microsoft sold were in 24 hours. The Playstation has sold 2.1M but it's been out for weeks. I'm sure MS has shifted a few more units since November 22nd

      Last edited 04/12/13 10:20 am

        Well that's not entire accurate. PS4 has been out for 1 week longer in North America, but 1 week less in Europe / Australia. But then on the other hand I think it's available in more countries in Europe than XBone. Like I said below - it's too early to make a meaningful comparison.

        Maybe, but as I said how many Xbones have been returned.

          Realistically that could be asked of the PS4 - we have no real analysis on the issues either console is actually experiencing and from there the return rate. The initial estimates for both are extremely low - less than 1% - which is admirable for both companies and a complete success.

        But sony also sold 1million in 24hr in NA alone

          So the question is, would MS have moved a million units if they launched in the US only first? The fact that Sony spent all their initial units in the US while MS spent their initial units in more countries is almost irrelevant because neither company is selling from surplus. Both companies have limited stock

        Actually in 24 hours MS sold 1 million across the 13 countries they released in.. while Sony sold 1 million in North America alone within 24 hours.. so technically Sony outsold MS in North America and hadn't released anywhere else at that time.

          But MS had less units to send to the USA because spread their initial stock world wide. Since MS owns NA, I'm sure they would have moved a million in NA if they staggered their release like Sony (but I could be wrong)

            But that cuts both ways, if Sony had had the stock to launch in the same number of territories as MS on day one, they'd still have that lead in NA to build from.

              But no one knows how much stock either company has manufactured, that's the whole point of why demand can't be measured. Who's to say MS couldn't have sold 2.1 million world wide if they had enough units to service NA and the other countries? Neither you or I know how many units each company has available.

              Though I suspect The PS4 seems to be in higher demand (based in nothing but my gut feeling), trying to use the figures we have available a extremely flawed because half the story is missing.

              We won't know what's really happening until both companies are selling from surplus. And that's weeks, or maybe months, away.

            you could say that MS had less units to send to the USA, but the xbone was never sold out. the ps4 had over a million in stock, and it was sold out.

            or would you say that the xbone isn't sold out because they knew it would be in high demand and produced more than the ps4? but then it would conflict with the argument that MS had less stock to send to d USA?

            it's one way or the other, but one thing's clear, people were just sold into buying the ps4 more than the xbox. it doesn't mean that it's better though, the simplest way to put it is that sony just did their marketing better this time around than MS.

              I think the more accurate statement is that MS botched their marketing.

                Have you seen the ads on TV for the bone and 4? They are basically identical and supremely uninspiring!
                Sony did a better job on the PR front initially by keeping those nuggets like lack of media playback and streaming well hidden unlike Microsoft.

                  Yeah, I meant PR or 'messaging' (the new gaming buzz word) instead of marketing. As far as marketing goes I've seen shitloads of Xbone stuff, but MS has always been aggressive marketers. But yeah, MS's pre-launch PR was the thing they botched.

                  But how much does that matter? To us enthusiasts, we're super aware of MS's policy backflips and the PS4's horsepower edge, but someone like my brother says 'sweet, the new xbox is out, can't wait to play the new Halo'. What percentage of people are completely ignorant to the news that occurs before the advertisements start appearing on TV?

                  I'm no expert so I couldn't say.

    It's a bit too early to call who's ahead of who on sales due to a combination of neither console having been released in all territories yet and so far demand is outstripping supply so there's no way to tell how many people want to buy a console but can't get their hands on one. The rate things are going I reckon it'll probably take 3-6 months for the dust to settle before we can really tell if there's a clear leader or not.

      Yeah, until both companies are selling from surplus, there's no way of knowing who's in the lead.

        What we DO know is that both consoles are outselling the Wii U....

          That's just nuts if you think about it compared to the wii.

    The 2.1Mil figure is lower than I expected, I thought that Europe would receive at least the same volume in the launch shipment as the NA launch.

    Given this is the case, 2 things are now apparent.
    Firstly, Sony have gone after 2 of the biggest markets where they lost alot of ground on Microsoft. The US and the UK, the UK figure is just as impressive than the US figures, with a better result for sales (+250K) per capita. Also telling is that the UK received over 33% of all the PAL shipment, that is quite a large portion for the 30+ countries it just launched in.

    Secondly, Sony are close to their production limits, whilst additional shipments are due in all the counties they have launched in, all of which are basically already sold out, they also have another smallish launch for some Asian countries this month (maybe another 500,000 total?) and then still preparing for the Japan launch next February (another million maybe?). The demand for 5Mil is there by March 2014, all that need to do is be able to actually manufacture that many by then.

    To retailers or to customers? 'cause everyone comes out saying they've sold x amount of units but only to distributors and not to actual customers.

      They usually say shipped when referring to retailers and sold or sold through when referring to customers. In this case it is sold/sold through to customers.

      more detailed reports have said this amount indicates the numbers sold through (meaning bought by customers), not shipped to retailers.

    Got my PS4 and I love it. Waiting for more features to become available. Might buy an Xbone in a couple of years when it becomes cheaper and it has a decent bunch of exclusives available.

    Xbox Leads PS4 In Black Friday Sales; Accounts For 61% of Console Sales, enough said,

    Spent i total of over 2 days playing Forza 5 so far, loving it. North America. 61% isn't actually that great considering this is Microsoft's home turf.

      But it's nice to see you're enjoying your purchase.

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