The Safest Place In Battlefield 4? Inside A Wall

The Safest Place In Battlefield 4? Inside A Wall.

Oh Battlefield, I love you so much, but you are so wonky. The first expansion has been out for less than a day and someone already got trapped in an invisible mountain. Luckily, the results are pretty entertaining.

Battlefield 4's first expansion, China Rising, is out today for Premium users. YouTuber xFactorgaming was playing it, spawned on a mountain, and found he couldn't hit an enemy below him. So he drops down to the ground and finds that he not only can't hit the enemy, but he can't be hit because he's trapped behind an invisible wall. The situation gets funny as enemies swarm trying to find a way to kill him while being told by Mr Factor that they just have bad aim.

xFactorGaming via Reddit


    I don't know what it is but I really dont like any of the new maps. Maybe on Rush they'll be alright.
    How annoying are people Slam ramming on dirt bikes!!!

    This is a worry.
    I think this is BF4's 'Jump the Shark' moment.
    Getting killstreaks with a single SUAV.

    Man I couldn't find a server that would last long enough without crashing to find the invisible mountain.

    I fell through the map on dragon pass....I could still C4 and nade from underneath. It was freaking awesome. :D

    I fell under Dawnbreaker the other night, its nothing but water under there so I could only use my magnum but I sure did shoot a lot of people.

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