The Steam Holiday Sale Is Go

The Steam Holiday Sale Starts Now

That sound you just heard was millions of credit cards simultaneously maxing out: Steam's annual (North American) winter sale has just begun!

You can see all the deals right here.

Today's Daily Deal highlights include Dishonored for $US11.24 and BioShock Infinite for $US9. You can also get Metal Gear Rising for $US20 and Arkham Origins for $US25.

Find any awesome hidden deals? Post'em below.


    Bioshock Infinite is $US19, not $US9.
    Just to clarify.

      Wow, unless I am completely mistaken I am sure it was $9USD this morning (about 3 hours ago).

      Maybe it was a mistake...

        There may have been some listing errors when the sale first went live, reportedly the season pass was mistakenly offered for $5 for a short time as well.

        Looks like they're on the ball with fixing errors this year.

        The Sims: Medieval is still the best deal I've seen anywhere, and that was an unintentional Australia exclusive. 97% off I think it was?

          I got one error a few years ago where I go a game for 10c instead of $10. Ended up buying pretty much everyone I knew copies. It was only a crappy minigolf game but the laugh was worth it.

          I also got all of saints row 3 for a buck too

      Bioshock 1 + 2 + Infinite is also $19. An awesome deal for newcomers to the franchise.

    Probably also a good time to read this if you're new to Steam Sales:

    Ok, was hoping that Deus Ex HR Directors Cut would be 50% off so I can pick it up with the 2.50 in my Steam Wallet, but it seems that it doesn't like having the original discount if base game + DLC are owned with the sale discount.

      Are you new to Steam sales? Wait until it's the daily deal or flash sale, or you'll be kicking yourself. Bigger discounts will come.

        Yeah, forgot about those, I was just pointing out that the discount for owning the original game and/or DLC is suspended during the sale.

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