The Walking Dead: Season Two's First Trailer Is Bloody As Hell

Jeez. This one's not for the squeamish — or for anyone who hasn't played season one of The Walking Dead, which is spoiled heavily in this brand new trailer for season two.

Season two of Telltale's lovely adventure series kicks off later this month for Xbox 360, PS3, iOS, PC, and Mac. Good stuff.


    Seems like they're really rushing to release. We don't have a release date yet and they only just released this trailer what, two weeks out at most from release?

      Steam says December 18th.

    Season 1 hit me right in the feels, hope this one does the same.

      Watching it and seeing Clem in danger put me on edge.

        I agree, I think what put me on edge most was;

        This time I can't keep her safe as lee. It'll just be her, all alone :S

    They expected it to be out last month, As well as episode 2 of the wolf among is. Let's hope they don't rush it.

      I'd rather more of The Wolf Among Us first before any more of The Walking Dead.

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