The World's Thinnest Condoms Are The Pinnacle Of Japanese Engineering

The World's Thinnest Condoms Are The Pinnacle Of Japanese Engineering

I would say these condoms are razor thin, but it seems they are thinner than that. As explains, the average thickness of human hair is 0.06mm. At 0.01mm, these Japanese condoms are the thinnest in the world.

According to website ZakZak, it took Sagami Rubber Industries over 10 years to realise these rubbers, from conception to completion. In total, over 20,000 condoms were put through a battery of tests (probably water leakage tests, burst tests, and tensile tests as well as, I'm guessing, other tests) in a trial and error process. Sounds like Sagami wasn't screwing around!

Sagami is Japan's first condom manufacturer and the first one in the world to create a colour condom. It previously released a 0.02mm condom in 2005. By comparison, the thinnest Trojan condom, the Trojan Ultra Thin, is around 0.06mm.

Two weeks ago, Sagami launched the polyurethane contraceptives in Tokyo, with a box of five costing ¥1260 yen ($12). ZakZak reports that the rubbers have been incredibly popular, with some shops apparently selling out their stock.

"Honestly, I don't how we can make them thinner than this," a Sagami researcher told Tokyo Sports, "but as long as there is a need for thinner, we will continue researching 0.009mm and 0.008mm thinness."

0.01ミリ世界最薄コンドーム売れすぎ 相模ゴム工業、開発10年、汗と涙の結晶 [ZakZak]

Photo: 木崎戦(きざき-いくさ)


    Just in case anyone wants some gaming news, Bungie's MMO-like shooter Destiny has been delayed and will be out on September 9th.

      And in other gaming-related news, the Survivor 2299 site was a hoax. Ain't that a kick in the head?

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    Does Brian even know what website he writes for?

      Would make a lot more sense on Giz.

      i see allot of comments like this. The site, along with gaming news and a bunch of other stuff, is also to also cover Japanese culture.

        From the 'about' page

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        The site covers a lot of Japanese stuff, because it often falls under the banner of 'gaming culture,' which is completely acceptable. However, a story about a condom that just so happens to be made by a Japanese company is not even close to being 'gaming culture'. This 'article' is completely uninteresting and irrelevant in the context of this website.

        Bashcraft needs to get his head in the game (pun completely intended).

        If the Australian one isn't enough, here's the American About text: "Thank you for reading Kotaku, a news and opinion site about games and things serious gamers care about." I'm pretty sure condoms made in Japan aren't a thing serious gamers care about. There's a difference between covering Japanese culture as pertains to gaming and posting things that happen to be from Japan.

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