​The Year In Video Games, In Just Under Two Minutes

What a year it has been. So much drama, so many exciting happenings, so many games. You'd need at least an hour just to cover it all… right?

Well, maybe not. Malcolm Klock has put together this lovely tribute to the games of 2013 that runs just under two minutes. It's really sorta just the year in console games — notable omissions include a bunch of super popular PC games like League of Legends as well as most great mobile games. But still… if you played video games in 2013, chances are this video will make you feel things.

Klock put together a similar video last year, and managed a similar feat in a similar time-restriction.

Nicely done.


    Well, it's more the most publicised and talked about (For better or worse) games of 2013. That's hardly every game to come out on console, handheld or PC this year, especially since there are quite a few extended scenes from games taking up time that could have been used for other titles not shown.

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