The Zelda Timeline... In GIF Form

I always thought that Buzzfeed was just good for 27 pictures of cats that look like US Presidents or something (and the occassional brilliant long form feature, to be fair) but they have created a pretty cool series of GIFs explaining the impenetrable (and silly) Zelda timeline and I actually almost found it useful!

I say 'almost' because, despite being a huge fan of the Zelda series, I literally couldn't care less about the timeline and I'm not really that sure why people treat the subject with such passion. I've always just played Zelda games as like a retelling of the same story in a different context, with different variations on the same themes. I've never felt like there needed to be some sort of canon timeline. Maybe it's just me.

In fact, when it's all laid out, as it is here, so cleanly it becomes apparent just how little sense it all really makes. And how unimportant it is in the grand scheme of things.

Head to Buzzfeed to watch the entire thing!


    Agreed Mark. The timeline is an abomination.

    The timeline is an abomination but it does at least TRY help explain how all those games do fit together. i find it curious how the oracles games fit in between ALttP and ALBW

      The timeline was only created after the fact to appease the fans. Nothing more.

    I agree.

    Why does Zelda need a timeline?

    Do people argue about a Final Fantasy timeline?

    I mean, they are all clearly separate events and stories. Yes they share some of the same elements. Does it matter beyond that though?

      The FF games are all set in completely different universes.

        Yeah I know. I'm just saying they all share similar elements though. I.e. summons names, etc.
        By the same token, does the events of final fantasy occur on different planets and galaxies?? They could, but no one cares. It does not matter. You could make Zelda into ff if you just changed the names each game and the setting. But what's the point.

      Most people think Time is like a river, that flows swift and sure in one direction but I have seen the face of time and can tell you they are wrong. Time is like an ocean in a storm, you may wonder who I am and why I say this ,sit down and I will tell you a tale like none that you have ever heard.

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