This Gran Turismo 6 Bathurst Real Life Comparison Video Is… Wow. Just Wow.

This Gran Turismo 6 Bathurst Real Life Comparison Video Is… Wow. Just Wow.

Australian racing fans had been clamouring for years for Bathurst to appear on a racing game of note. Now two have come along at once. Forza Motorsport 5 has been in the wild for a couple of weeks now, but Gran Turismo’s version is just about to hit stores. This comparison video between Bathurstreal life and its virtual equivalent is ridiculous. In the lower resolution it’s often difficult to tell them apart…

Actually, at some points I think Gran Turismo 6 actually looks better than real life, which is a weird thing to be writing. Well worth watching.


  • that was actually pretty cool to see how spot on everything is bar a bit of tree furniture. Still not sold on another GT though. GT5 really has damaged the series for a lot of people

    • I’m considering getting this since I only just recently bought a PS3 and haven’t played a GT game before. Why didn’t people like GT5?

      • Lack of customisation, vehicles all nearly sounded the same (like blenders) etc…

        still liked GT5 but I could see many flaws

      • Because they’re insane and expected way too much from the series.

        Even though the first GT game on each platform has been lacking compared to the second game on the previous gen.

        GT – Starting point.
        GT2 – Refined and expanded GT.
        GT3 – A few steps back, similar to original GT.
        GT4 – PS2’s version of GT2… refined and expanded GT3.
        GT5 – A few steps back from GT4.
        GT6 – PS3’s version of GT4… refined and expanded GT5.

        It’s always followed the same pattern, but people don’t seem to notice, and just tend to go have a whinge anyway.
        GT6 should be a good starting point for you if you do get it. 🙂

        Loved every game in the series, myself.
        Picked up GT6 Anniversary Edition this morning… can’t wait to finish work. 😀

        • Well said & spot on , it has it’s faults but all in all a brilliant series ! It pioneered the racing “sim” on consoles !

  • Wasn’t the Bathurst track in the V8 Supercars: Race Driver games by Codemasters? Used to love that series.

    • It has been in:
      – Toca World Touring Cars [Toca 3] on PS1
      – Toca Race Driver [known as V8 supercars: Race Driver here], on PS2/Xbox/PC
      – Race Driver: Create and Race on NDS
      **All of the above were Codemasters
      – Need for Speed: Shift 2 on PS3/360/PC
      – rFactor on PC
      – Project C.A.R.S. on PC

      These are just the ones I have played…. there are probably more. But yes, Mt Panorama has been in many racing games over the years.

      • Forza 5 it looks and feels amazing in – V8 Supercars 3 was the best though… They got the feel of the whole competition down no one else seems to get the hustle and bustle of the track down

        • Yeah, I don’t understand why Codemasters dropped the TOCA/V8 Supercars games to make Grid… as simulation racing is what they do best. They have Rally covered with the Dirt Series. F1 covered. I would love so see Codies drop Grid, go back to the Touring Car Simulation formula instead.

  • GT6’s version is more accurate with regards to camber and altitude changes for sure. They used the same laser scanning technology that iRacing used when they captured Bathurst as well. Forza also used a form of laser scanning for their version, although it was slightly lower fidelity, which you can see more so at the top of the mountain.

    Overall, it looks like GT6’s version is about as accurate as iRacing’s which is millimetre perfect.

  • It’s a pity they used Jenson Button’s lap of Bathurst that was done in an F1 car, and not a lap that was done in a V8 supercar. The F1 lap is at least a good 30 seconds or so faster than what the V8 supercars can do. But impressive nonetheless.

  • At first I didn’t look at the indicators on the side and tried to guess which was the real one. Was pretty difficult! Even though it’s already awesome, it’d be even better to see a more dynamic lighting system. The shadows cast by the clouds in the real video are something I’d really like to see in the game (unless it’s already in there, but not shown in the video).

  • I’ve never seen a GT game look so bad imho – But then again never before have I owned an XBone and Forza 5 only to then jump online and watched last generations graphics being sold today…

  • I don’t know that, in light of Forza 5’s next generation Bathurst recreation – showing the GT6 version, with its tinny sounds and low detail textures – is really the best way to sell GT6 to the hardcore petrolhead motoring enthusiast.

    But I could be wrong.

  • If it wasn’t for the cloud cover in the real life video, you’d have a hard time telling the two apart. Well done.

  • I notice they didn’t render and of the seating around the starting line, looked a little sparse in the background. Other that that, very impressive!

  • Now I want a golf video game, with Australian courses.
    Starting with Sydney and Melbourne – but the one at Woomera, with diesel laced sand for the “greens” would be interesting too.

    • Royal Melbourne has been in Tiger Woods PGA for the last couple of years. The National also appeared a few years ago.

  • I’m sorry the track may be spot on but it still looks like a cartoon. If I wanted to play sega GT I would. Sega GT was awesome.

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