This Week In Games: Hey Gran Turismo!

It's the calm after the storm. Both next-gen consoles have been released and our wallets can breathe a big sigh of relief.

Oh, I forgot, Gran Turismo 6 is coming out!

Angry Birds Star Wars (360/Xbox One/PS4/)

What is it? It seems like another overpriced version of this game is released every week. I guess someone must be buying them. Should you care? Hell no.

Batman: Arkham Collection (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? It's Arkhmam. ALL OF THEM. Should you care? It seems a bit too soon for this really? I feel bad for everyone who paid full price for Arkham Origins, what — like a month ago?

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy (3DS)

What is it? It's the game with the silly name that's still quite good though! Should you care? I've never been totally into the JRPG thing, but apparently this is a very, very good video game indeed.

Gran Turismo 6 (PS3)

What is it? A pretty big deal. Should you care? I thought this looked better than Drive Club on the PS4, so yeah. This looks good. It's Gran Turismo 6. It's going to be good.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (PS4)

What is it? Well, that came unexpectedly. It's that sort of good fighter with all the superheroes in it! Should you care? Eh, seems like a quick and dirty port. Good game though.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? I thought this came out last week, but whatevs — it's good. Should you care? Worth playing. Especially if you want to team up with one of your kids on something fun and accessible.

Zumba Fitness World Party (360)

What is it? ZUMBAH. ZUMBAH. ZUMBAH. ZUMBAH. Should you care? Man, I don't know. Probably not!


    It will be interesting to see how GT6 stacks up against Forza 5.
    While a great game, you can tell Forza was a little rushed. Lots of slight imperfections and annoyances.

      it will be very interesting, but because gt6 is on the ps3, and F5 is on the xbone, so it's not an apples to apples comparison.

        I think it will be all about how you look at it. On the face of it you might think it’s an unfair comparison but the ludicrous development time taken to make these huge car games and the fact that both series tend to reuse assets means that the next-gen leap has been a disadvantage in some aspects.

        Forza will look better, with more detailed models, effects, cool brand new-gen AI and possibly better physics.
        GT will have a much fuller feature set, more cars, tracks, options, ect.

        Both games will handle well and play great, but it will be an interesting personal choice between a massive last gen game and a scaled down new-gen game. The fuller feature set could honestly make GT the better of the two despite being old tech.
        I suppose there’s even an argument given it has a LOT more tracks and cars that Forza 4 is comparable to Forza 5.

        At the same time Forza 6 will be out before a proper PS4 GT game and it should be far closer to Forza 4/ GT6 in terms of content. On Polyphonics form over the last 10 years the PS4 will get a half finished GT7 in 2016 and then GT8 sometime after the PS5 is out.


          Finally someone who understand development cycles and doesn't blindly and unfairly compare two titles developed in different circumstances or insist 'Why didn't they make it for PS4?'.

          To scrap all of the PS3 assets they've made in GT5, then WAIT for a PS4 devkit (which would have came around halfway through GT6's development cycle) to even begin making a whole new slew of assets to ultimately create a husk of a game that is basically a concept demo of the next one.. It's insane.

          It has happened since the original Playstation, the odd-numbered titles are the teams getting their foot in, creating the engine and so forth.. and the even-numbered titles are the actual -game- of that generation. It even happens with the Grand Theft Auto series. Compare GTA3 with San Andreas, or GTA IV with GTA V. A lot can change once the team have a decent foothold in the way of the understanding of the technology and a catalogue of stuff like models and textures already made. @foggy is absolutely correct in saying that a fairer comparison would be Forza 4/GT6 and Forza 5/GT7. ..that post was longer than I originally intended, I apologise.

        I find that with Forza that there is still that arcade feel element. I remember reading an article by the developer of Forza and they even said that they would like Forza to be as good as Grand Turismo.

        Keen for GT6 w/Gt27 wheel hopefully the engine tones are better this time.

          The forza physics are actually amazing! people load it up and start playing and yes it will play like an arcade game just like GT5 will if you don't change the settings. Turn off the assists and traction control and stability if you want and you'll soon be saying otherwise on both games. I am regretting selling my ps3 now because after racing with a g25/27 for years now i can't deal with this control warrior driving.. i race better on a wheel... and the thrustmaster xbone wheel is $650 and you still have to buy the 6 speee shifter and pedals (if you want clutch) seperate which brings it close to $1000 for the wheel setup alone! thats twice the console value FFS!! hoping the mad catz is cheaper when it comes out... At least i have project cars etc. for my wheel on pc.. but i want to school my housemates with their controller whilst on my wheel!! :)

          Yeah maybe back in the day. I assure your Forza 5's physics are just as close as GTs to the real thing. Maybe your playing forza with assists on.

            I had all the assists off with forza however I think It would have been mainly due to the fact that I had to use a xbox wheel instead of something like a G27 wheel.

            just quickly searching online ( )
            Looks like the xbox wheel is the only suitable choice for forza which is a shame unless it's different now?

      The real question is whether microtransactions will ruin GT6 as much as they have Forza 5.

        I really doubt Kazunori Yamauchi would compromise his dream in such a way.

        It only ruins it if you suck at Forza5...

    Haven't really been following GT6. What's new and different from GT5? I hated GT5, but don't have Forza 5 anymore.

      I feel confident in saying if you hated 5 you will hate 6.

        Not really fair to say that if you haven't played it. I thought GT5 was balls, but apparently everything's been reworked for 6. I'm pretty confident that GT6 won't have all the micro-transaction crap that Forza 5 has either.

          Well since the only people who could say it are those people who have early copies are not under the current embargo, I'll have to do for now.

          I'm a big fan of GT and have been following GT6 pretty closely and I don't think there will be enough changed to convert some one who *hated* it to being a fan.

    You have GT6 listed as PS3, I dont see how it can stack up, Visually at least, to Forza 5 on XBOne

      iRacing does all right for itself on the pc and is well respect even though it looks like a game made 2 generations ago. Graphics are not the only thing people care about. Plus GT6 has about 800 more cars than Forza. Apples and Oranges my friend.

        I have ever GT game ever released, I love the GT series

        I didn't mean to imply that the visuals were the only comparison worth making, just stating the difference in console generations is all

    I've felt a complete lack of GT6 hype. Guess it's been overshadowed by the new console releases.

      Plus I think GT5 was something of a flop because it took too long to come out. I think at one point they released what was basically a sample pack? I didn't know that the full game had finally been released.

        massive flop, only sold 10 million copies...

          flop might've been a bad choice of word. A massive PoS might've been more apt. Transformers 3 is the 6th highest grossing film of all time but that doesn't mean it was any good

            gt5 was great if you wanted a realistic handling model and a large selection of cars and tracks to race on. everything else (custom skins, rewind, crazy drifting) was available in other games (Grid, Forza, NFS)

              I always wondered how realistic the handling in these games is, both Forza and GT seem pretty good but I don’t know how anyone can honestly say “that’s how all 400+ cars should behave”. Particularly when 99% of people don’t have anything near close to a racing set-up to play games on (ie. a really good wheel) and even then it’s certainly nothing like a real car.

              I think with all assists turned off both games are convincing, as in I don’t see anything totally impossible happening and both games provide consistent experiences. I just don’t really know how much more “real” the driving models can be or how on earth you can reliably judge between them.

                iRacing is the best imho, but it is expensive, it takes a large time investment, and it is sometimes not much fun (qualify for race, wait 1/2 - 4 hours for race, get taken out on first corner by some numpty and it's race over), but it has the best racing, and probably the most realistic handling, real racing car drivers play this game.

                R-Factor was excellent but it is too hard to get an online race going. More track and car packs than you can throw a stick at but you'll need to find them yourself, there is an excellent Bathurst (including a 60's version!).

                Gt6 will be great and it will be very interesting to see what GT7 on the PS4 will be like now that PD have a dedicated tyre manufacturer & suspension specialist on board.

                if you dont have a dedicated Steering wheel, well that's another matter entirely, NFS is awesome with a controller ;)

    They might not be big games or huge exclusives, but its good to see both next gen consoles have releases this week, and lets hope that continues too

    Buzz kill it's not coming to ps4 but better then a buggy ps4 version

    I'm keen for Injustice on PS4. Haven't played it yet on PS3 so not fussed about that. Seems like fun though.

    GT6, everyone said GT5 would be fun and we all know what ended up with that. Also, can you really recommend the Arkham Collection if all the DLC (I'm assuming) isn't even out for Origins yet? Surely they'll just release another super duper collection when that's done?

    GT6 looks tops. So far everything points to a game that addresses the criticism of GT5 and adds something more.
    Can't wait.

      really hoping this.

      Looks like it will do most things - all cars with "Premium" models, better weather and time options etc.

      I still worry about Polyphony's ability to build a navigabe menu though. They really need some UX people.

      This was one of 2 games I allowed myself to preorder this year, the other being GTAV.

        I'm hearing rumblings of micro transactions. I'll be keeping an eye on how they handle this once the game releases and there's some solid info available.

          you can buy in game credits for real money, in game credits are (typically) hard to come by at the beginning of the game, so anyone wanting to rush out and buy a 20mil car will be able to essentially buy it.

            Usually there are license or racer level restrictions on the high end cars though.

            If it's a simple case of spending money to save time grinding I have no real issue with it. Providing the game economy hasn't been readjusted to force people to fork over cash.

              what i hated to start with but then decided to like about GT5 was specB.. in the end i gave up grinding and everytime i went to get a beer i would just get my car off and racing again.. big long tracks that earnt me alot of money per race and within no time i had a few million to spend on cool cars and then repeat... basically my ps3 stayed on for a few weeks and evertime i remembered i would get him racing again.. i even knew the button combination to get him racing again without turning the TV on haha

    GT6 looks good - Historically there always has been two Gran Turismo's released during the console cycle ususally one at the start of the console lifecycle and one towards the end (with the exepction of GT1 which came out in 1999 and GT2 came out a year later which was the end of the console lifecycle).

    One will quietly assume that Polyphony are hard at work working on GT7 for the PS4

    I would be pretty annoyed too if I had purchased Arkham Origins and then realised that the collection so quickly

      No so quietly it seems "Kazunori was asked about GT7‘s development, he offered a similar timeframe of “a year or two” to complete the game, once again citing the ease of developing software on the PlayStation 4 in comparison to the PS3."

        as long as there's not GT7 Prologue that sits in the PS Store at $49 even long after GT5 was released.

          Well it still means that it "should" be released at relatively the start of the PS4 life cycle and with the PS4 being x86 arctitecture then development time should be reduced (but Kazunori's attention to detail could blow it out a little bit)

      I'm sorry, but how can you say historically it has been one at the beginning of the lifecycle and one towards the end? PS3 released 2006 - GT5 released 2010, GT6 released 2013. The only time they released towards the beginning and (sort of) end of a console cycle was GT3 and GT4 on PS2..

    Really looking forward to bravely default, played the demo good old school jrpg. Also Lego marvel on next gen pretty good final week of gaming for me

    Last edited 02/12/13 11:22 am

    Picking up Bravely Default now that it's finally coming out. I've had it on pre-order for a long time. Being a huge fan of Four Warriors of Light, I'm glad to hear that this one is giving people a good impression.

    *browsing Xbox One store* Oh, look! Angry Birds is on here! I might just have to give it a-


    S-seventy dollars...

    *eye twitches uncontrollably*

    Other than waiting for my PS4 to come in...

    Gran Turismo 6 & LEGO Marvel Heroes will round out my 2013 for game pickups.

    Can you get Zumba Fitness World Party in a bundle with train simulator?

    the GT franchise lost me as a customer from halfway through GT5. I bought a ps3 for GT5 only to have it collecting dust. and when it did come out. basic functionality like adjusting gear ratio's was left out for other *more pressing matters* I ended up selling the PS3 and the game. and never looked at it again. I did have the 3rd fastest time for the rx7 on most tracks in the game. so It wasnt that I wasnt very good!

    then fast forward to this. surely polyphony knew the PS4 was coming out. at least 2 years ago! which was when they started developing this GT6. so why didnt they just make it for the PS4? it would have been much easier. and they would of finally redeemed themselves with launching a GT game on time and while the console was new. but instead they do this!
    polyphony has to be the most retarded company in Sony! always late and always behind the 8 ball.

    Again, GT6 LOOKS good but will it handle and sound good?

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