Titanfall, Witcher 3 Highlight This Year’s Spike VGX

Titanfall, Witcher 3 Highlight This Year’s Spike VGX

The Spike VGAs are now the Spike VGX. This year’s annual award show is happening this Saturday at 6pm Eastern (10am AEDT), and although it won’t be televised live, we’ll have the whole three-hour extravaganza streaming here on Kotaku for you.

So what should we expect? Other than the awards — and hopefully no teabagging — Spike says they’ve got the creators of South Park coming to show off a new trailer for their upcoming RPG. They’ve also got Titanfall, Quantum Break, Broken Age, Dying Light, The Division, The Witcher 3, and Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime showing off “an upcoming Wii U game” — perhaps Donkey Kong or Bayonetta 2.

More news to come, Spike says. We’ll be working on Saturday and keeping you up to date with all the info as it hits, of course. Because we love you.


  • you can also watch on their website can’t you? At last though a gaming event that isn’t on a weekday and I’m sat at work trying to get a stream working

  • Witcher 3 is the only thing mentioned that I’m really keen on.

    still sorta hoping for a surprise Fallout 4 announcement though…

    • It’s not hard to believe that they might announce FO4 at spike, it is where they announced skyrim

      • yeah, if its ready to announce, theres no reason they couldn’t do it at the VGX.
        just dunno if it’s actually gonna happen.

    • Same here. Can’t wait for Witcher 3

      Not sure about Titanfall, not really a fan of a multi-player only game though, so i guess that’s not for me

      • Titanfall looks ok. but like you said, the multi-only thing has turned me off it quite a bit.

        having said that though, The Division caught my eye a bit. jut wanna wait & see how they go about the multi-only stuff…

    • I’m not moving my face from my monitor until I see Fallout 4…tell my work I might not be in for a few months

    • I’m like that with stuff like e3, just instead of embarrassing I think its more tedious. Just give us the information in an efficient manner and then shut up!

    • I streamed it at my gf’s mums house while we were house sitting and just walked around while it played in the background incase anything happened i could turn and watch it.

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