To Be Fair...

The Xbox One ad here, which features a woman who loves playing Dead Rising 3, has been running since November 11. I just saw it in a pre-roll of a GameTrailers video today. First time I ever actually appreciated seeing a pre-roll ad!

If people are going to complain about Xbox One marketing that supposedly dismisses female gamers — as so many did last week regarding this ad — we might as well put some sunshine on an Xbox ad that celebrates one.

The most cynical take I think you could have about this ad is that the commercial is a play on the exoticness of a woman who loves DR3.

Going glass half-full though, we see an ad here that simply suggests that games about slicing zombies are appealing to people who aren't male. What a concept!


    My wife loves DR3, actually she loves all things zombie we even did the zombie walk in Perth this wear....whats so exotic about females liking DR3 ?

    I feel like most console marketing these days (xbox included) depicts an even mix of genders and cultures in their ads. It's a shame that none of them look realistic though. They all look like a group of insufferably hot backpackers living in an Ikea display room.

      Didn't you know if you buy an Xbox a bunch of insufferably hot backpackers will move in along with their brand new Ikea furniture :D.....its all real man

        I can confirm this, I got the day one edition and on ehhh day one, they burst through my door and i haven't been able to get them to leave since.

        Last edited 05/12/13 6:20 am

          You're Australian ... and you don't know how to deal with backpackers?

            LOL... have an upvote ^_^

              It's a constant joke between myself and my English mate. I tease him about having shitty weather and he gives me shit about having a basement full of backpacker body parts. I think I have the better end of the deal.

    Wow, DR3 loaded before she even finished her sentence.
    Anyway, the XB1 recognises literally any guy that walks into the room as me.
    XBOXONE, the one that recognises anyone as you.

    Last edited 05/12/13 9:13 am

      Mine works great, my wife gets freaked out when she walks past for just a second and it says "Hi Tamara"

    Shows that anyone can be a dick though. You could both be watching something, and then they can quickly change the channel or whathaveyou by using their voice alone.

    Me & the wife bought two day one's at launch. I got Ryse & AC4. She got DR3 & loves it :)

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