To Hell With These New Consoles, Give Me A Dreamcast 2

To Hell With These New Consoles, Give Me A Dreamcast 2

Maybe it's the constant barrage of Playstation and Xbox news. Maybe it's nostalgia. But right about now I could really get behind a Dreamcast 2, and it looks like I'm not the only one either. In the video above (which has a Sonic ad lazily tacked on at the last second), game troll Keith Apicary and the guys from Mega 64 envision a world in which Sega was still a viable hardware player. Look at all the improvements! The graphics! Look on it, ye mighty and despair, for it truly is a thing of beauty:

To Hell With These New Consoles, Give Me A Dreamcast 2

It makes me weep for my Nomad just seeing it. Yes I owned a Nomad, don't judge me.

Clip via Polaris


    Is he supposed to look like a child molester?

      Yes the performer is Nathan Barnett and his character is Keith Apicary.

      I didn't realise child molesters all looked the same.

        They get a uniform and a badge n everything.........I heard.......

      Say what you like about child molesters, but at least they slow down around school zones.

    We already had a Dreamcast 2. It was called Xbox.

      It was the Sega CD and 32X that fell Sega. Nintendo will go the same way if they don't jump on the innovation bandwagon.

        You mean the company that has the world's most popular handheld for five generations back to back? The company that sold the most units last generation? The company that is the owner of Pokemon?

        Yeah, they are looking pretty shaky right now...

          Couldn't agree more. Also I read that Ninties also has a large reserve of cash. (Can't confirm that) Either way, they definitely innovated the most in terms of hardware this gen. The PS4 and XBone are essentially suped up versions of there predecessors. ( But now game are 40+ Gigs! I mean wtf is up with that?! )

    The Dreamcast has had it's time, and what a wonderful time it was. A Dreamcast2 couldn't possibly exist in today's game market, the times are just too different. The Dreamcast was the last machine that supported new game ideas, games you've never played before. They took risks that today's market shies from and are instead focused on overblown budgets and reinventing the wheel. All the new ideas for games get jumbled up in the free-for-all mobile market. The Dreamcast era could never exist today as it was a time when exclusives meant something, consoles had an identity and SEGA's lineage of game development was still widely respected. Sure I've got my rose coloured glasses on, but my Dreamcast is still connected to my TV, and my Nomad still has charge in the battery.

    Nintendo killed Sega? Idiots. SONY set out to destroy nintendo after the PSX project, they murdered sega (and most of nintendo) in the process. Check your history facts kiddies!

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