Tomb Raider Makes An Excellent Argument For iOS Controllers

Tomb Raider Makes An Excellent Argument For iOS Controllers

Last week, Square Enix quietly released the original Tomb Raider for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can almost see the game through the haze of virtual controls. Might be time for a gamepad.

Gamepad support, recently introduced to the platform with iOS 7, is likely why we’re seeing the original Tomb Raider being released now instead of a couple years back. If these virtual button-covered screens had made it out before then, fans of the series would have peed themselves laughing.

I’m still dangerously close, but knowing the game also supports iOS-certified controller offerings from the likes of Power A and Logitech means relief from those overlays is just a $US99 controller away.

Oh well, at least the game is only $US.99.


  • I’m not sure if it makes an argument for controllers or just against putting games on systems where they don’t fit.

    Quality mobile games need new interface designs. Virtual buttons are not a solution.

  • i hate virtual buttons. the only games i play on my iphone are simple touch games. tower defence, angry birds, cut the rope type games. anything with a virtual joystick and buttons just doesnt feel right.

    personal preference of course.

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