Turns Out Sticking A Thing On A TV Doesn't Make You Better At Shooters

Sometimes strange things randomly show up here at Kotaku, and the latest is this red LED on a suction cup. So I stuck it to our TV and tried to see if it made me better at Battlefield. Early results point to no.

At first glance, the idea behind the Hip Shot Red Dot Sight seems to make sense. If there's something to mark the center of your screen, you can aim faster, kill more enemies, and finally find satisfaction in your life. Anyone who is familiar with suction cup-based children's toys will know the problem though. It never stays on the TV for very long.

On top of that, having a glowing red dot in the center of your screen is incredibly distracting. Especially while you're trying to pay attention to all of the information that gets thrown at you in the average FPS. I suppose this attachment could help some people, in certain games, if they're patient. But for the average gamer, there's no reason to stick anything on your TV screen.


    That makes no sense. How the hell does a stationary dot make you better with guns? It's not affected by anything like recoil, bloom, or stance. They're not just visual to stimulate the brain in seeing something move, they represent the accuracy of your weapon if you were to fire. Your bullets don't always go towards the center 100% of the time and the bloom reticle expands to try and fool you.

    Also, doesn't take aim-assist, aiming down the sights and bullet magnetism into consideration.

      BF was a terrible example. He's hip firing with a sniper rifle; a weapon with some of the largest hipfire penalties! He should've tested with a pdw with laser sight and a hipfire grip.

        When I played the BF4 beta, people were using Sniper Rifles like they did in Call of Duty. Not sure how it functions now, but CoD would be a worst example as the guns aim for you.

        Agreed, he's not even trying. You shoot medium range from the hip red dot or no red dot the gun sprays wildly.

      Tribes: Ascend. Spinny shoots at the centre of your screen and you can only hip-fire it. Killing Floor is another hip-fire-is-accurate game.

      There is more than just shooting simulators in the First Person genre.

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        I know that, but using it in other situations doesn't make sense and weapons that are that accurate have their own reticle.

      all of this aside

      i cant believe nobody has mentioned this but:

      Back in highschool during CS days before COD and Battlefield were AAA mainstream titles, i used to put bluetack in the centre of my screen

    It is definitely a flawed design, but you also need practice your reaction control dude, ie: @2:30. That was horrible.

    I thought having something stationary stuck to your TV (doesn't have to be an LED, even something like a sticky note will do) was supposed to help prevent motion sickness that some people get from playing first person games.

    So I guess not being violently ill would probably make you a better player...

    Battlefield was probably a bad choice to test it on.

      Very bad choice, especially with the problems in BF4's netcode and DICE's refusal to geolock Aussie servers.. *grumbles and tries to remember my anger management breathing techniques*

    Didn't scrubs used to put a piece of blu-tac in the centre of their monitor to get this effect?

      yep, i remember doing it for a bit, i found it helped me found the centre of the screen better after a while but that isn't always heaps helpful

    This was perhaps valid in CoD MW2 when a hip-fire sniper rifle was almost 100% accurate, but a lot of the newer FPS games skew your sniper shot now if it's hip fired.

    Hell, give it a shot with a scout in counter-strike source.

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    I disagree that putting something on the tv screen doesn't make you better. This suction cup red dot is stupid, but Reti-Kill actually works. It stays in place every time too.

    People stuck indicators to their TV all the time in Gears of War to make hip firing with the shotgun more effective. There was no guessing where the reticule was if you had something on the TV. I wasn't convinced because I always assumed the invisible reticule shifted based on movement and rolling.

    If you're really that fussed about it then go buy some clear 'contact', then put a dot with a texta. Costs almost zero with the same (if not better) effect.

    I remember years ago playing counter strike, before FPS had accuracy and damage decreases for shooting from the hip, you would put some blu-tack on the screen where the reticle should be and you could perfectly use the sniper rifles without needing to scope.

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