Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Leaving PSN/XBLA Stores

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A quick heads up guys. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 are being removed from Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network stores — both their digital versions and their DLC. Thursday is the last day PSN subscribers in Europe can get DLC for the game; Dec. 26 is the deadline, worldwide, for Xbox Live.


    • I assume the licence has expired. That’s why Outrun got removed a while back – their agreement with Ferrari ended. I’m guessing Capcom’s agreement with Marvel has expired too.

        • That came out 3 years later – perhaps it’s a different licence for each on, so that one might disappear in 3 years? Who knows. Something for the intrepid journalist who put this article up to investigate and report back on?

        • It could be a license thing, or it could be a Sony/Microsoft fee thing for featuring their games.

          Capcom are known to currently be in financial strife, so although imo UMvC3 is the(ir) BEST game of the last gen systems(yes BEST… I have a lot of friends that still regularly play this instead of Last of Us/GTAV), it might not be currently selling well digitally since people have it, or if ppl want it they can also buy it on disk, leaving a smaller market. MvC2 is also one of my favourite games of all time. To summarize:

          Original/Vanilla MvC3 (all systems): Don’t bother as nobody plays it… it’s fun in itself, but Ultimate was released about a year after this was, and it’s a positive upgrade in almost all areas, and has more characters.

          UMvC3 (Xbox 360): This is the best version of UMvC3 to play. You need Xbox Live to play online, but online won’t be the same experience as playing in real life as there is latency and some things won’t work properly. There is no arcade version.

          UMvC3 (PS3): Very, very similar to the 360 version, but there is some input lag which can affect things if you are an experienced player. Most people couldn’t tell or might not care. PSN is free to play online.

          UMvC3 (Vita): I bought a Vita just for this… but it’s hard doing most combos with Vita controls, and you will probably miss out on the experience of what UMvC3 is really like if this is the only version you have. It has some gimmicky stuff like touching the screen to do combos/moves, Gold trade-able costumes, and a quite useful hit/hurtbox visualization that you can’t see in any of the other versions with replays.

          MvC2 (Naomi=arcade): This is the best version of the game that people have been playing for 10 years+. It’s an arcade system, so it’s inaccessible to most people. I bought one on ebay and have been “console-izing it” into PC case because I like it so much.

          MvC2 (Dreamcast): This is the best available home version, but has some timing
          / fast clock round issues compared to the arcade. It was highly bootleggable, so there were a lot of custom music stages/colour palettes people made. These bootleg colours were used in some famous matches, and is the origin for the alternate coloured costumes in UMvC3(e.g white Magneto, Black/Mango Sentinel)

          MvC2 (Xbox 360): A bit of a disappointing port in that the timing is quite screwed up(more so that Dreamcast)… I actually played this with friends last night. It’s still worth getting though if you’re new, especially if you have an arcade stick. You can also play online with XBL.

          MvC2 (PS3): Similar to the Xbox 360 version but a bit worse. If you do stuff like countering in, your character can die(where they wouldn’t in other versions. Free online play though, and again it’s worth it if it’s the only version you have access to, especially if you have an arcade stick. I think I saw it for US$3.75 with PS Plus.

  • THIS is what worries me about the digital business model for games. Why would I want to pay full price (in some cases more than disc price) for a game which in 5 years can be pulled off the marketplace? Especially with the new generation consoles only fitting around 10 full size game on their default hard drives, deleting and renown loading games is a necessity. I have more xbox live purchases than I have space on my 500gb 360. Am I going to start finding out that these purchases are being deleted from the store and my couple of thousand dollars given Microsoft (or PSN) for “rights” now means nothing?
    Having to get up off the couch to swap a disc is a small price to pay, though with the way the business is going they will likely make the physical copy meaningless anyway and start stripping rights at the console level…

    • Yeah I’m curious to know whether they’re just removing the ability to buy it after these dates, or both the ability to buy it AND the ability to download it. I’m hoping it stays in the download list. When I heard they were removing Magneto’s controversial costume, I backed up my Xbox 360 hard drive and bought another one so it could be online only.



      I’m not so much worried about it having not purchased the game digitally, and figure that anyone who owns it will most likely still be able to download it later. But the thing for me is that anyone who buys the retail game afterwards will be stuck with an “incomplete” game, no longer being able to get the DLC for it.

      • Not really… a removed game/DLC is also usually removed from the servers unless the company licenses the files to be returned.

        This happened w/ some early PSP DLC by Sque-Enix. Some costume DLC for Dissidia 2 are no longer available as they were taken off the servers

    • See this is why I love GOG’s setup for digital games.

      You download the game DRM free. And you’re free to make back ups w/o any issues! 😀

  • This is an amazingly good game and you should buy it if you don’t have it. It(and the Jill/Shuma/costumes DLC are also on sale).

  • Already got MvsC 2, and you can get UMvsC 3 on disc, so I’m not too worried, might think about getting the DLC though.

  • Does this effect people who have this stuff downloaded already? Or does this just mean we can’t get this again if we delete the content off our HDDs?

    • Basically 2nd part of your statement.

      Your game/DLC wll remain on your console but your no longer able to buy/redownload them if something goes wrong

  • This was pretty disappointing, looks as though they removed it early, I was going to buy it today but they seemed to have already taken it off of Xbox Live.

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