Valve's Steam Machine Delivered To Homes, Gets Unboxed

Valve's Steam Machine Delivered To Homes, Gets Unboxed

As promised, the lucky beta testers of Valve's own first-party Steam Machines are starting to get their consoles...computers...whatever. Here are a couple of unboxings, showing off not only what they get in the box, but also a pretty snazzy shipping case.

I was expecting machines shipped in foam and including some notes and basic manuals on plain printed paper. This is much slicker!

UPDATE - Redditor colbehr also got one, and took some nice pics of the box. Well. Boxes.

Valve's Steam Machine Delivered To Homes, Gets Unboxed
Valve's Steam Machine Delivered To Homes, Gets Unboxed
Valve's Steam Machine Delivered To Homes, Gets Unboxed

Steam Box Unboxing [YouTube, via NeoGAF]

The Steam Machine/Box came. [Reddit]


    I thought the box would be smaller than that, that thing is bigger then the Xbox One!

      How do you know? Have you seen a side by side comparison or have you seen the dimensions of the Steam box? Yeah it's not small, but it also contains a full size desktop GPU...

      it does't seems that its bigger than xbox one slightly smaller but heavier

    No internal wi-fi?? How very early Xbox 360 of them..

      beta test? prototypes?
      Have you never heard of those words before?

      Not many pc mobos have wifi anyway...

        While that is true it will be interesting to see if the final steam machines incorporate it.

          I doubt it. They'd have to squeeze another PCI/PCIe card into it (or do a shoddy Internal USB job) to add it and it'd end up an expensive custom part.

            Maybe. They could always incorporate the hardware that laptops do for a network card? Though that would involve also running a network wire around the box...

            And really @dashals are you on some sort of crusade to downvote EVERYTHING I type lately? Wtf is your issue?

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              since he didn't down vote this comment, i will!

      You use wifi for fixed location devices on your network? How very shitty-quality-bandwidth-and-latency of you ;-)

        I'd love to have my HTPC & PS3 hooked up via ethernet but the fact my room doesn't have a telephone jack and is not in a position to run network cable with ease from the router.

          Why not just use Ethernet over power?

          It's pretty easy to route the cable through the roof/walls yourself, if you don't mind crawling through tight spaces ;-)
          And you just need a krone tool to terminate. I've wired up a few houses with ethernet to all of the rooms. I do too many thing where wifi bandwidth is both too low, and also shared between all devices on the network.

            While I do adore having a wired up house, in a lot of cases, having patch leads everywhere can make for an ugly situation and limit options for moving stuff around later on. A good router close by does lead to pretty lag free gaming on a console. But that all depends on what you've also got between the router and the console in terms of structure of the house as well. Metal, wood frames, aluminium etc. Wired gaming will always be superior but wireless does give more convenience.

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            What world are you from? I run cables for a living. If you don't have access under or above the room/house, you won't be able to run cables without cutting away bits of the walls. WiFi would be a better option IMO in these situations...

        Unless you know... you dont get bad latency on your wifi network *shrug*

          Or you don't play online, and only use the internet on your consoles for downloading games. I think a few people who use Steam may do that. =P

            I play online and have a wireless network, I get good latency and can't say I've ever really had any serious issues on my end. Only issues I've ever really had have been on telstras end.

              It's not the ideal solution but I can't imagine it really hurts you that much unless you're already having latency issues. A friend would play his XBOX 360 with a WiFi USB adapter from the other end of his very large house and it didn't seem to kill him.
              That said personally I like to remove as much latency as possible so when I get shot or miss I can't blame anyone but myself. I get too comfortable too quickly with the idea that it's not my fault I suck.

                This also being said, I have ensured there's nothing between my router and my PC and my 360 that can cause massive interruption to said latency. In another house I lived in, there was enough metal in a wall, that a router merely four meters away would only give a signal barely ten percent of its normal strength to my PC. It was disgusting. Wired will, always be better, no doubt. But like I said, wireless offers some convenience to us that can have it set up the way we want and know how to minimise latency etc.

                Last edited 16/12/13 1:11 am

        You run cords all over the house?? There are better reasons for Wifi than just latency or portability

          Cables can be routed through walls/roofs/floors, and even then, generally I'll only have a couple of "zones" which require wired equipment, the office with router/PC/printer and then the TV/console[s]. So, I only actually have to run a single cable between these zones, then use another switch at the TV end to have another 8 ethernet ports behind the TV.
          So, even if you can't route behind walls [or even if you do], you don't have to run a cable for every single device you want wired. Ethernet is very flexible.

            Not if you rent

              You can run cables rather inconspicuously along the skirting board, especially if you've got carpet. You can just wedge it in there. Just a single cable between switches is enough to wire up all fixed devices in a place.

      Only casuals play on wifi anyway.

    I want to try one of the youch pad game pads

    Last edited 15/12/13 11:53 am

    The steam box, aka a PC.

      I keep looking at it and I can't help but think it's a dumbed down PC. No keyboard or mouse... I understand it's got good hardware but replacing keyboard and mouse with a controller? Yeah...

        Yeah. I'm struggling to get past that. I really want to try the controller to see exactly why they think this beats my custom profiles with an XBOX 360 controller. I prefer game pads over keyboard and mouse controls, but as it stands I think if I were to bring PC gaming to the lounge I'd rather sink the money into some sort of PC gaming chair that blends the comfort of a recliner with the stability of a desk tray keyboard and mouse combo.

    Seriously, what a bunch of whiners. Some people will complain about ANYTHING. Waaaaah

    Last edited 16/12/13 10:09 am

      Valve is one of the few companies that actively seek customer feedback so that they can produce the best products for the customers. So sparking conversations as to the positives and negatives is a good thing for us and for valve..

      Last edited 16/12/13 10:20 am

        Well I see that the general feedback Valve would be receiving is that it's too difficult to please every pedantic little whinger. eg. people complaining about external wifi. It's not a closed system like the PS4 or Xbone, you can modify it any way you see fit. As someone rightly pointed out anyway, any gamer worth their salt won't trust WiFi for gaming. Ethernet is the only way to go if you're a serious gamer, and those worried about untidy cables can use 'Ethernet Over Power'. I for one am impressed with what they've put together, as is. That is some serious bad-assery, right down to the shipping crate.

        Last edited 16/12/13 5:06 pm

    yay! more bricks to build up my TV unit...

    MG are those runners with Jeans. fuck dude.... Fashion... Ever heard of it!! and you have a gF

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