Watch GTA V's Trevor Try To Dispose Of A Dead Body In Real Life

However deranged Trevor might be, he's just a fictional character. But if he wasn't? What if he was a real person that roamed our streets? It would be kind of amazing. And by amazing I mean slightly horrifying.

Check out these series of pranks by Nathan Barnatt, where he pretends to be a Trevor. Trevor, apparently, has a 'dead body' — the guy is most likely not actually dead, but it is a real person Trevor is carrying around. People react to that, and it's pretty hilarious.

Trevor In Real Life - GTA5 Prank [Nathan Barnatt]


    Hi, um I know that this is completely random, but are you willing to give up your neopets account? I saw that you said u had a lot of neopoints, and I would love to take your account on and keep it going!

    This proves that you could probably carry a dead person around a populated area if they don't have any visible injuries.

    Real life Trevor suing Rockstar,

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