Watch The Steam Controller Play A Bunch Of PC Games

 Watch The Steam Controller Play A Bunch Of PC Games

Valve's interesting, innovative new Steam Controller has caught a lot of eyes while simultaneously raising a lot of eyebrows. How exactly will this thing work? Will it really make traditionally mouse & keyboard PC games playable in your living room?

We've seen the Steam Controller in action before, but I still have some questions about how it'll run some of my favourite games. Fortunately Chris from the YouTube channel Trial By Game has got one of Valve's prototype Steam Boxes, and he's been putting it through its paces and documenting the results.

After watching these videos, I feel like I've got a much better sense of the controller and how it works.

Dota 2:

Metro Last Light:

Typing of the Dead (Ha):

Civ V:

Surgeon Simulator 2013 (Double Ha):

He's also done some videos showcasing the settings for the controller, and demonstrating how those work.

Controller Layout and Key Binding:

Sensitivity and Sensitivity Options:

There are many more videos over at Trial By Game's YouTube channel. What do you guys think: Ready to give this thing a shot for mouse & keyboard games, or will you just stick with what works?

[Via Reddit]


    I'm extremely keen to try it out. Yeah, it probably won't improve every genre, but for FPS' and games where precision control is key, it'll definitely be better than an analog stick.
    I think it's a great evolution of the "traditional" controller and an extremely promising concept.

      yeah I'm with you, not for every game, but I'd def use this for 3rd person like GTA, Saints row etc. FPS might have to try it out though

    Playing a game like Battlefield - how would changing weapons or reloading work if the X and Y buttons are on the left side of the controller? Wouldn't you have to take your thumb off the left pad and stop moving to use those buttons?

      you'd change that to your other trigger buttons on the left side I'd think.

      Maybe but there are 4 shoulder buttons to map it to.
      Also it still shrinks the gap betweek sticks and kb and mouse.

    i am eager for this to work
    so i can play in bed or on a plane etc

    but will need to test hands on

    i dont think thats possible though lol

    When I first saw it I thought it looked gay, but will have to try it before I pass judgment

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