Watch Us Scavenge Desperately For Food In DayZ

The new standalone version of the infamous mod is now available on Steam’s Early Access program, so I went to have a look at what changed. The answer: better graphics and even less supplies to be found.

I played some of the original mod, so I was excited to try the standalone version. It definitely feels more stable than the mod, and looks better too, even with this early build. Though that may be, it doesn’t mean there are any more powdered milk packets or bullets for you to find. I can’t wait to start hearing people’s crazy stories.

Have you tried the beta? Leave a comment with your thoughts!


  • I’m going great in dayz…..I have a motorbike helmet, a back pack and two axes and I know of a few places to score a drink. Now if I could just find something to eat I would be declared king. I have found some pumpkins growing on a farm but you can’t eat them for some reason??

    • I had around ten cans of food, three drink bottles, rifle with 75 rounds etc but it got wiped today when Rocket reset everything because of a hacker 🙁

      Now I have an axe.

      • It’s the alpha, you’re going to have this happen *extremely* often. Rocket did that because he wanted to make everything more secure, which I’m ok with. I lost a gun, 3 clips of ammo, half a dozen cans of food, an axe, a nice gas mask, a head lamp, HEAPS of stuff. But if it makes this game LESS likely to be invaded by assholes, so be it. After all, there’s the disclaimer at the beginning.

        But you know what? I’m enjoying THIS scavenging more than the mod, because now it FEELS like I’m scavenging. A little tip, the new city behind Balota Airfield, has around 20 storage sheds in it, they’re *packed* full of stuff. Head there whenever you can, you’ll always find stuff even if it’s been raided, people always leave stuff behind.

        Also, near Kamenka, there’s a factory by the water, you’ll always find good beginning stuff.

          • It really doesn’t, it’s all in how you read it, to be aggressive it would actually have to be directed to you in an aggressive manner, it’s not. I think you need to read it again. Nice to know you know how to play DayZ, but the area up behind Balota is brand new to the game, the storage sheds are brand new and not many people know about them yet. But hey it was just a tip, but if you wanna be aggressive, so be it.

    • Remember to be holding your sharp implement (axe, knife, screwdriver) in your hands if you dont have a canopener, then you can open cans of food 🙂 you’ll lose 1/3 – 1/2 the content of the can but at least you won’t starve to death!

  • I want to be excited about this, but playing Day Z already has just kinda killed it for me. I think I just stopped giving a shit a long time after dealing with hours and hours and hours spent grinding, getting the scrappiest, most boring and useless items imaginable and then dying randomly, usually from some hacking prick with a seemingly belt-fed winchester that never reloads, or by some douche bandit. I know it’s currently alpha and that the standalone should quite different, and I’m REALLY hoping it will!

    Personally, if there was a versions with a co-op focus, like, I could get something like 4-10 buddies together on a private server with some vague goal like, join up, survive the week and make your way to the rescue chopper/boat or whatever arrives, this would absolutely kick unimaginable amounts of ass! Instead, I seem to only ever find servers where the name of the game is FFA and it’s myself and 49 other punks who’ll shoot me on sight, and are already fully equipped with food, med supplies. nvgs, fully automatic assault weapons and almost endless ammo to boot!

    • So far, to be honest, I’ve had around 3 people attack me, and around 30 – 40 people run by waving, saying hi on the mic etc. The standalone in alpha seems to be attracting a better crowd of people for now. Maybe it’s the fact it’s in alpha, maybe. But then, I think people also have this grand idea that in an apocalypse everyone would band together, hold hands and sing merrily.

      Rarely ever happens. When push comes to shove most people just look out for themselves. I don’t attack anyone on sight in DayZ, I don’t want to push that model of play but I won’t condemn others who do. We need those players, why? The thread of humanity. Zombies will always come after you but humans can turn on you, it makes the game more exciting.

      Personally, and this honestly isn’t aimed at you, it’s aimed at the DayZ forums with peoples reactions, I think people are being a little too ‘precious’ at times with DayZ.

  • I’m enjoying the new standalone. Loved the mod but it was so plagued by hackers it no longer became playable. So far I haven’t seen any hacking take place, but I’m sure in time it will appear more frequently.

    My only gripe is how quickly you need food and how ‘very’ easily one becomes sick. I trust being alpha this will get balanced out. I’m pretty much eating 8 to 10 square meals a day.

  • I really wish this was coming to the Xbox one, such a shame it’ll be missed by so many.

    Oh well, I’ll just have to wait for The Division to fill that void I think. Won’t be the same, but you can’t have it all.

    • It would be too hard for the developers to keep updating two platforms, especially with the way Microsoft handle their update scheme.

      I can see it coming along in the future once a lot of the main mechanics have been installed and are working correctly but probably not for a long, long while.

  • I decided to go inland because I didn’t find anything other than a rotten banana. Turned off the torch to save battery as i was following a road inland, hopefully to a town or something.. so thirsty, it was pretty dark. I saw a black shadow running towards me. no torch nothing. I hit the deck, Lucky the glass was long. The closer he got the more scared i got. He had a high powered rifle in full military gear. still lying in the grass no moving. I decided to stay still.. He ran straight over the top of me.. phew.. then I died of dehydration..

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