Welcome To The X-Men, Nightcrawler. Now You Can Go Home.

Welcome To The X-Men, Nightcrawler. Now You Can Go Home.

Come on Professor X! While I completely agree on firing Angel or Jubilee, there's just no reason to kick Nightcrawler out! At least he humiliates Xavier and teleports away with class.

Pick Kitty Pryde or Dazzler next time.

Ex-Men: Nightcrawler [YouTube]


    Kind of funny when he was making jokes about their powers and the gloves with Gambit but the whole just going racist jokes with Xavier is pretty weak. Also, all the other ones were fairly canon and everyone who reads the comics know his smoke(whatever) smells like burnt brimstone/sulfar.

    Waiting for him to do Legion.

      From Wikipedia:

      Many sulfur compounds are odoriferous, and the smell of odorized natural gas, skunk scent, grapefruit, and garlic is due to sulfur compounds. Hydrogen sulfide produced by living organisms imparts the characteristic odor to rotting eggs and other biological processes."

      So the cracks about the smells aren't that far off.

      It seems he's mainly doing X-Men from the movies and 90s cartoon but if he was going to branch out into the more obscure, surely Beak is a given? And Eye Boy.

        Which wiki is that from as I looked at the main Wikipedia, X-Men Wiki and the offical branded Marvel wiki and they all say the same thing.

        When he disappears in teleporting, Nightcrawler leaves behind smoke with a stench reminiscent of burning brimstone. This is a small portion of the atmosphere of the Brimstone Dimension that escapes while the aperture is open.

        Nothing about any other odours. Source?

          That was from the wiki page on Sulfur.

          Your quote that the stench is reminiscent of burning brimstone means it smells like... well... a rancid eggy fart?

      considering nightcrawler is one of the most useful and liked characters in the xmen universe, there really isn't much that he can make fun of besides his looks and smell.

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