We're So Close To A Wooden PS4, People

We're So Close To A Wooden PS4, People

The controller looks awful because it's half-arsed. The rest? Somebody hold me. It's beautiful.

Just when I thought I knew the meaning of excitement after seeing an Atari PS4 skin with some wood-panelling, along comes this. Dbrand's wood finish vinyl skin for the PS4.

We're So Close To A Wooden PS4, People

Like I said, the controller gets a pass. But the rest? Very tempting. Especially since you can cover the whole console (the stickers are available in "sections") for $US40.

Wood PS4 [dbrand, via technabob]


    Its like wood paneling on cars. Ill give this one a pass, and gladly!

    this would look terrible in most peoples AV setups.

      not mine, i have alot of dark scandanavian furniture. this will fit right in.

    Dave must of had a chat to sony.

    it looks like it's been covered in that wood grained contact paper you can get to...cover your school books and line your bathroom drawers? I'm not really sure what it's for, but you can get it from any dollar shop. It looks like you could get the same look for a $1 roll of contact paper and a scalpel.

    I woodgrained my PS2 twelve years ago.
    Infinitely improved it's aesthetics.

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