What Are You Playing This Weekend

With all the consoles now in the wild, and a flurry of games being released at the last minute, I've had to really be strict with what I choose to play. There's just too much out there! I've managed to round it down to three games that I'm committing to at the moment.

The main game I'm playing is A Link Between Worlds. I estimate I'm about halfway through the game at the moment. That game is extremely interesting. I'm enjoying it so much. Is it the nostalgia factor. Would someone new to the series get as much out of it as I have? I wonder...

I wonder if that's even important.

The second game I'm playing is Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Love it. Probably my favourite open world game of the year. Yep, I'm enjoying it more than Grand Theft Auto V. Crazy.

The third and final game I've committed to is Super Mario 3D World. I've gone past the first two worlds on my own and I'm a little underwhelmed so far. Possibly because I've been playing on my own. I've decided to hold off a bit until I can get a whole heap of people to play with me.

So that's what I'm playing at the moment — what are you guys and girls playing?


    I Literally broke into a robot compound last night and stole their toilet. WHAT THEY DIDNT NEED IT THEY ARE ROBOTS.

    Still have some GTA V to do - about 9 main missions I think (then presumably backtrack to see alternate endings.) If that gets done then I'll probably start AC4 on PS4...

    In the final dungeon of Zelda, so I'll knock that over. Gotta wait till Christmas for Mario, so I'll probably keep chipping away at GTA V. Still not *loving* it, but definitely enjoying it more than other recent iterations. The level of detail and number of random events in this game is staggering, really helps to make the world feel alive.

    Maybe skyrim or Hitman Absolution ... I don't really get to play much games anymore

    I am crying my way through A Link Between Worlds hero mode. It's freaking HARD! Take a hit from an electric cucumber? Kiss those 4 hearts goodbye m'laddo! Lorule bosses may cause my 3DS to explode against the wall in a techno coloured display of rage shrapnel. *whimper*

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      Oh yeah, I still need to finish with Shadowrun when my crying eyes are dry enough to see my monitor.

    Aside from playing in my Warmachine league, probably finally completing Dragons Dogma. Apparently killing the Dragon isn't the final boss.

    No other games really, as most people left to go onto the Lame Box One >:

    So many Steam sale purchases... I might get started on Dishonored and Far Cry Blood Dragon. Also planning on playing Dead Island with some friends.

      Start Blood Dragon. Soooooo hilarious. Loved it. Even the end is hilarious.

    Gonna play some battlefield 4 & ac4 on ps4! Too many 4's

    Broken Sword 5

      Now I'm thinking I need to hurry up and play the first four, (which I own and never finished) so I can hurry up and buy/play the fifth.

        Just play 1, 2 and 5 and go back to 3 afterwards. (Skip four entirely. XD)

          I thought 3 was the shit one.

            Three is incredibly flawed, but also ambitious. Adapts the art direction nicely in 3D. Too many physics puzzles, but still good. Four is just bland and soulless with terrible writing.

              Which one was about a dragon?

                The Sleeping Dragon's the third game! Lots of people hated it too, though. Just personally I think it's way, way better than four. XD

                  Yeah, that game was terrible. Also buggy as all hell. I still clearly remember a glitch for a character, who up until a particular point in the game was always sitting down and for one brief moment was standing up. Her dress had lifted up to her chest.

    The Witcher 2!

    Just played the part early on where

    Triss is carried through the forest while protecting you with a force field as you kill the elves attacking, pretty cool scenario

    I'm going to ignore the pile of shame, that's in the triple digits (both xbla and disc based) for 360, ignore the pile of shame that's 5 titles deep for Wii U and 20 titles deep each for Wii, PsP, Ds and 3ds respectively. And without even contemplating the festeringly large Steam library of unplayed impulse buys....

    And I'm going to play Forza 5 & Fifa 14 (while the son is up and about) - and shooty shooty Battlefield 4 in the adult time while he's sleeping. Maybe even start some stabby stabby AC4 or choppity choppity Dead Rising 3, which have become the start of my next Gen pile of shame, not including the Ryse and CODG that Big W haven't managed to ship to me yet....

    Assassins Creed Black Flag and warframe this weekend.

    AssCreed4 i'm shocked at how awesome it is. I'd written it off but picked it up cheap on amazon when i was drunk at like 2am. I love Drunken me sometimes.

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    Am I the only one around here that gives a shit about GT6? :)

    I'll probably be playing that till my eyeballs turn to dust and are blown out of their sockets by the hot winds of the eventual apocalypse.

    Just Dance 2014 for Xbone/Kinect.
    For real, the workout modes on that are pretty hardcore.

    When I'm not working on my fitness, I will probably play Forza 5 and possibly make a start on dead Rising 3.

    I just picked up Spelunky for Vita, so probably playing that and possibly getting into my steam stack.

    Super Mario 3D World! I've got 2 save files going at the moment. One is single player with everything collected along the way and the other is with my girlfriend which is more of a "let her lead and see what happens" playthrough :P

    Ryse :) The single player was pretty and good bordering "ok" but the Co-op Gladiator mode has broken my addiction to Killer Instinct... for now...

    Ima gonna destroy Metal Gear REX in 'Metal Gear Solid', that's what!

    Gran Turismo 6.
    ACIV (on my new PS4)
    and Zelda on my new Zelda 3DS.

    what an awesome weekend woo!

    Picked up a 3DS this week. I have Pokemon, Luigi's Mansion, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and I got a free copy of Mario 3D World.

    I have All Of The Games.

      You have a good weekend ahead of you my good man!! :D

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