What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This is my last 'What Are You Playing' post for the year! I'm heading on my Christmas holidays, so I'll finally have time to play all these video games I keep writing about.

This weekend? I foresee a lot of Super Mario 3D World. I have my brother visiting from Scotland and we've already ploughed through most of the game already. We're trying to get a few more people to join in with us. Hopefully I can convince my wife and maybe Kotaku tech dude Ben White to join in on the shenanigans.

So that'll be my weekend — what are you guys and girls getting up to?


    I shall be pretending to be a pirate in ACIV

    I think a lot of GTA Online, now that I have a disposable income to spend on explosives.

      I'm gonna put that back on tonight - hear that the content creator is either up now or coming soon.

      Other than that Shadows of the Damned and MGS3 tonight, then I'm stuck on 3DS from Saturday arvo onwards as we go to the GC

        Yeah, content creator is live (beta). Can make deathmatches and races.

          It seems you can't place vehicles or props yet

            Place vehicles? Not sure what you mean by this. But props are indeed working, as I placed concrete barriers and shipping containers.

    Still playing in my Warmachine League, counting painting.

    Finally finished Dragons Dogma, not sure what to move onto next. Might play some more Halo: Reach. Also would like to play ODST but everybody moved on to the Xbone >:

    More Dead Rising 3, some Peggle 2, and maybe some Skylanders: Swap Force.

    Super Mario 3D World and Guacamelee. Have the night to myself tonight, so might have an all nighter playing games. Will be the first time in years!

    Think I might take a gaming break. Regroup when The Walking Dead is released.

      Not gonna wait this time around? ;D

        Nah, I'd be all paranoid about spoilers. It would break me. Just going to play Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead as Telltale alternates between them. :D

    Battlefield 4, if my PS4 decides it's done installing updates, and then if BF4 decides it's done installing updates and then if BF4 servers don't kick me off so they can update.

      me too, if my ps4 doesn't kick me out of the game and give me the "report error" screen. I have not quit BF4 once, every time i get an error and the game closes

    SM3DWorld and Hearthstone!

    SM3DWorld is a long game! I'm up to the fireflower world, and have to go back to finish both all the stars/stamps and flags.

    My weekend will be a mix of Starbound Beta, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Touch My Katamari and finishing XCOM: Enemy Within.

    Die by The Sword.
    Saw some Youtube videos, and the controls look awesome.

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    Pokeymans and Bravely Default. Buying a 3DS was the best decision I made this year :D

    Finishing off Dead Rising 3. Starting Assassins Creed IV.

    I also bought Call of Juarez Gunslinger in the Ubisoft sale on XBLA for $3.70 so I'll play that.

    Oh oh and some Super Mario 3D World.

      That is a good sale - I got Ghost Recon Future Soldier for $5... Now I just have to find a spare 8GB to be able to download it

    Finally picked up super mario 3d world, so a lot of that...
    and probs a bit of BF4/Dead rising/NFS rivals on the XB1
    Really should get around to finishing WW HD too... but thats for another weekend I think

    Just finished cod ghosts! Ill get dome dead rising 3 and battlefield 4 in :)

    Finishing Fire emblem Path of Radiance on Dolphin, then straight into Radiant Dawn that I've had for a while but never played yet as I had not been able to play Path since GCN laser died, but finally got a PC good enough to run Dolphin properly :)
    ... man i love Fire emblem games, will have played them all after these two, except the DS one, which is a shame as I heard it was epic. Don't have a DS but, much prefer PC/TV gaming to hand held.

    EDIT surprised I haven't seen a story on Kotaku about it, but currently GOG has Fallout 1, 2 and tactics for free, for the next 30 odd hours. Get it http://www.gog.com/news/free_games_fallout_fallout_2_and_fallout_tactics

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    Hoping to finish off Far cry 3 (man its a long story), ALBW and SM3DW with the wife

    Bit of random SNES/NES on my hacked PSP, then will start on Tomb Raider/Fall of Cybertron/Bioshock Infinite

    Continuing my replay of Resonance Of Fate. I remembered I love the game, but I'd forgotten just how fun it was. Plus the dress-ups in it will tide me over until Lightning returns. :P

      Isn't that another game that doesn't understand how breasts work?

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    Since I've been couch ridden since my nasal surgery (Who'd have thought having a blockage removed from your nose would kick you flat on your ass), I'll be continuing my replay of The Last of Us, followed by Assassin's Creed 3 (first time playing it, got it free via PS+) and if there's time some Super Mario 3D World.

    I'll continue playing Grid 2 until sometime next year when the PS4 becomes available again. February? FFS, I want one NOW!!!!!!

    I'm probably going to finish up A Link Between Worlds before I leave work today, leaving me free for a Battlefield 4 weekend. =D

    So many games to play - I played a little Resogun last night, and all I can say is wow! I can't believe how good that game is, I love the little details of the destruction to the city etc. I'm also actually really surprised at how good BF4 looks on it, it really looks great - I play on PC because the controls are far superior, but in some aspects it actually looks/plays a little better then PC - which is weird, and I have everything maxed out.

    Gotta get stuck into something and just play one thing though, so I either finish Ryse and move on, or get stuck into Wind Waker HD.

    Will be likely doing more BF4, accompanied by some casual GW2 levelling - mixed with watching more Soul Eater and playing Terraria and Spelunky on Vita.

    Probably finish off ACIV then move onto playing killzone shadow fall and maybe some GTA5

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