When Things Are Bad, There's Always Super Mario Games

When Things Are Bad, There's Always Super Mario Games

Aww. While you can find a variety of posts on Miiverse, finding one like this one in Super Mario 3D World — which was posted this weekend by Tiny Cartridge — makes you wish it's just a post where it is someone pulling your leg and not actually a kid throwing out a cry for help.

But if it is real? Ah, I hope they can find some solace in Mario. We tried finding the message, but without knowing the name of the person, it becomes rather difficult to track it down. Still, it's kind of heartbreaking to see this.

For context: Super Mario 3D World lets users draw messages to Miiverse, which then turn up at various points while in the game. It's cool, and it helps you feel connected to other players around the world. Most messages are kind of silly and fun — but not all of them.

(Via Tiny Cartridge)


    Super Mario 3D World lets users draw messages to Miiverse

    ...you, you can't be serious. Do they not know what damage they have wrought!?

      Despite what you think it's actually very tame, 100% of what I've seen is people playing around with those stamps or general pleasantries about levels.

      A lot of the images are fantastic, some people are apparently very good at pixel-style art.

      I don't seem to recall any messages that would make Peach blush.

      They did this apparently: http://www.p4rgaming.com/iwata-asks-miiverse-penis-drawing-detection-took-weeks-to-develop/

      (Nah, they didn't. I wish they did though)

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        Considering the total lack of penises I've seen (not seen?) on Miiverse, I'd be surprised if that Play 4 Real article is not at least partly true - even if by accident.

        Lovingly referred to as the penis algorithm. It is real but it can be beat.

        "Kato: Kurisu-san suggested we study different types of penises in order to create figure out the relative shape and size people would draw. We spent a week doing that before we realized that we should have been looking at drawings of penises rather than real-life pictures. (laughs) We were very embarrassed about that"

      The Miiverse is actually a very friendly place! While I might be flamed and trolled on the internet for asking about, perhaps, the location of a star coin, on the Miiverse would invite me in with open arms, sit me down with a cup of warm Milo and tell me a heartwarming tale - in comparison of course. It'd be cool if it did that.

    This comment made me sad, I probably relate so it tugs on the heartstrings a bit.

    Man, that is a punch to the gut. Very sad.

    Funny thing is the kid probably just means his parents have been fighting over the game in co-op, since its very easy to grief each other :), but you never know.

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    why Kotaku?... Why do you always aim for my feels?

    People really do post some awesome things on the Mii-verse. So far as I know, every single post gets looked at before being approved for publication. Nintendo must have an army of people just endlessly clicking through pictures of knobs and swiftly deleting them

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