While You Were Christmassing

There was a leedle gap in While You Were Sleeping posts over the break, so lean back and enjoy your food comas while browsing the extra special round-up of news.

Andras Neltz has an amalgamation of all the best games released in 2013 - to a Japanese audience only. Though some of them are slated to be released in the West before long.

Skyrim scenery GIFs? Skyrim scenery GIFs.

Hello Games, the studio behind No Man's Sky, has been completely flooded on Christmas Eve, ruining everything from computer gear to dreams. They did what sane humans do and tweeted the disaster.

Luke Plunkett has a round-up of some of the best cosplay of 2013. There's been a lot of good stuff year, so of course it's not all of it - but they're damned impressive. Especially that The Last Of Us cosplayer.

Remember that League of Legends player arrested for making a Facebook comment about bringing a gun to a kindergarten? It hasn't been a very Merry Christmas for him.

Here's a Battlefield 4 time lapse showing off that feature that changes levels as the match goes on. I refuse to say the name.

There are bandits and all manner of scum in DayZ, but then there's just plain rude.

Lastly, there's a nice big post with all of the best videos Kotaku has made in 2013, with some from Kotaku AU thrown in there. Enjoy!

In Short

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    Also, apparently MS is giving $100 cash back on 4GB 360s, which means you can nab a new 360 console for as little as $79. Almost worth it just for the controller :)

      Also I saw 320GB hard drives for the 360 on sale for around $60.. Then at least you can play GTA 5 :)

        Target has a 320GB drive for $19.95 along with the free Star Wars lego downloadable game. H Nhas the console for $149, so it is $49 after cash back.

          There ya go!! Cant get much better than that

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