While You Were Sleeping

Wednesday already. Christmas will be here soon. Man. 'This year has flown in'. 'Time flies when you're having fun'. Etc.

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, this is the news you may have missed.

Steam is growing. It is always growing. Just recently Steam hit over 7 million concurrent users. CONCURRENT. That just seems... ridiculous. That's like enough people to populate a small country. My home country of Scotland has a population of 5 million! This world is changing...

I love this story: a studio pirates its own game and releases a torrent because why the hell not and why not appeal to the sense of decency in people. Hope it all goes well for these brave souls.

Old people don't really understand the Hunger Games movie, Zangief from Street Fighter has no respect for sloppy drunks and if you want to know what happens after Persona 4 there's a manga for that! Find out more here.

Have a great day everyone!

In Short Wanna Know What Happens After Persona 4? There's A Manga For That 7 Million People Were Using Steam At The Same Time Studio Pirates Its Own Game Because Why The Hell Not? Old People Don't Really Understand The New Hunger Games Movie Street Fighter's Zangief Has No Respect For Sloppy Drunks


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