While You Were Sleeping

How are you all on this wet Thursday morning? Art thou ready to read a quick round up of the news and stuff?

SKi Safari — it's an Australian mobile hit on the level of a Fruit Ninja or a Flight Control, but it has just announced a collaboration that will take things to the stratosphere. A crossover with Adventure Time. You kids love Adventure Time don't you? That's what all the whippersnappers are talking about, isn't it?

I've been hearing a lot of people complaining about Battlefield 4 in its current state. I haven't played enough to comment. Are there problems with the game? This video might say 'yes': the safest place to hide in Battlefield 4 is inside a wall.

Hey, got a lot of money lying around? Like, say, hundreds of thousands of dollars in spare cash? Well, you could totally own Han Solo's blaster from Empire Strikes Back.

This is the Mona Lisa as a next-gen video game, and an arrest has been made in that San Francisco PlayStation 4 killing.

In Short Adventure Time Is Awesome The Safest Place In Battlefield 4 Is Inside A Wall You Could Own Han Solo's Blaster From The Empire Strikes Back The Mona Lisa As A Next Gen Video Game Arrest Made In San Francisco PS4 Killing


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