While You Were Sleeping

Friday! Hurray! I don't speak now, I just grunt single words. Awake! Video games! News!

What are your thought on the new Xbox UI? My thoughts are that it's a beautiful mess that actually requires you to use voice. If you're not using voice it can actually be stupidly difficult to find specific things. Anyway, I watched this pretty cool GIF, that shows all the iterations of the Xbox dashboard, and was almost nostalgic for the old days.

I'm surprised there hasn't been Simpsons LEGO yet, but now it's a thing. Sort of looking forward to the video game now. Remember there was that one pretty awesome Simpsons game a while back? EA published it... I thought it was kinda good.

I think this story shows how silly and ill-equipped the cops are to deal with a new digital age — they show up live on a Warcraft stream after a troll phones in a fake report.

YouTube overreacts to changes in the comment system and, finally, this is a pretty significant issues in pro gaming at the moment: League of Legends players are stuck in contracts that ban streaming of rival games. Hmmm.

In Short LOL Contracts Get Heavy With Players, Ban Rival Streaming Official: The Simpsons LEGO Is Coming, Here's A Look Every Xbox Dashboard Leading Up To The Current Dashboard On Xbox One Cops Show Up Live On Warcraft Stream After Troll Phones In Fake Report Listen To YouTube Users Overreact To Its New Comment System


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