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Here are the highlights from last night's posts, including China's welcoming of Xbox One, the Tea Party's BioShock snafu and the latest video craze to hit South Korea — food porn.

Remember all those sinister jingoistic posters that littered the floating city of Columbia in BioShock: Infinite? One of the more xenophobic images has made its way onto the Facebook page of an ultra-conservative political group linked to the Tea Party. Apparently, they didn’t realise the image was satirising their own party. Whoops.

For decades, China has all but banned video games, which has made getting hold of the latest consoles somewhat tricky. All this could soon change however, with the CEO of online video service Funshion confirming that the Xbox One will be available in China in 2014. The company will be working on the Chinese version of the Xbox One in the coming year and will also work with more video games-related advertisers.

Remember that custom Super Nintendo urinal? Its creator is now selling it on Craiglist for $US499. We wonder if it comes bundled with a urinal cake.

In more weird news, South Korea has started a new internet trend dubbed “mok-bang”. It involves bloggers voraciously devouring food on a live stream and then chatting to viewers about the experience. It's like a cooking show without the cooking (or pornography without the nudity/sex).

Smash Bros.'s head honcho Masahiro Sakurai has spoken out on Twitter to quell rumours that the next installment would be landing in early Q2 next year. Sakurai did confirm that the game would hit sometime in 2014, though. Phew.

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