While You Were Sleeping

Here are the news stories you missed in the wee hours of hump day morning: from weeping Sony executives, to canned Ghost 'N Goblin projects and motion-controlled breast technology. Le sigh.

Did you guys hear about the Kickstarter campaign to create a modern version of he classic platformer Ghosts 'N Goblins? Well, don't get too excited because Capcom's lawyers has shut down the project before it could acquire its funding. “The project admits it will need Capcom’s permission to proceed and has not received one," the publisher explained in a statement. What were they expecting to happen?

Unlike most other TV shows, anime series will occasionally produce one-off episodes outside of a season's run. These "secret" episodes can be hard to track down; especially if you don't realise they exist. Thankfully, Kotaku US is on the case with all the bonus episodes you might have missed this year.

It's the complete Antonio Banderas/PS4 gif collection! Re-watch 'em right now. You know you want to.

A programmer has used a Leap Motion gesture input device to create motion-controlled breast physics. No really. We should probably mention that the developer is based in Japan. The source code has since been put online. Click here to see a slightly NSFW video.

Console bosses usually act straight-and-narrow in front of the cameras — they have a corporate message to expound and emotion rarely get in the way. Which is what makes this video of the head of Sony Computer Entertainment Korea all the more touching. Speaking in his native Japanese, Kawauchi recalls meeting gamers throughout the country in the leadup to the PS4's launch and begins to get choked up in the process. Awww.

In Short

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