While You Were Sleeping

Here's what happened while you were having radical adventures in the Land of Nod, including a new Zelda game and more YouTube ContentID shenanigans.

The latest Nintendo Direct trailer blast took place last night. There were a few interesting announcements, including a new puzzle game dubbed Dr. Luigi and a curious Zelda-themed Dynasty Warriors clone. Click here to see all the new trailers.

The YouTube ContentID fiasco took another turn for the absurd, with content creators discovering that their own original work had been deemed the property of someone else by YouTube’s copyright bots.

Professional gaming isn't all sponsorship deals and over-sized novelty cheques; there is also a darker side lurking beneath the surface. Yoon Sub “Locodoco” Choi is a pro League of Legends player who recently posted a video about the downside of being a pro-gamer.

Psst, want to see a pair of custom-made Mega Man shoes? Sure you do.

In Short

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