While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to an odd edition of While You Were Sleeping - it's the quietest part of the busiest part of the year. The eye of the storm. Most of the big releases are out, and most of the game players and game makers are at home with their families. But since the news never really sleeps, here's what the gaming world was up to over the weekend.

Youtube's new Content ID system is causing no end of controversy, in many cases taking down material that the copyright holder didn't want taken down. And reports are coming in of mistakes being made, such as this GTA clip being mistaken for a Jazz track.

Quintin Smith has a post on the best board games of 2013, and there has certainly been a resurgence and new and interesting games due to Kickstarter. The four on show there look very interesting.

This Arma 3 setup is one tiny step closer to a holodeck, and one can certainly respect the tech on offer. Just one question - how do you prone?

Although Warhammer Online has gone down, it appears that should EA decide to do so, the game could easily be made playable in singleplayer form by enabling a single command line argument. It would ensure gamers could still play the game they paid for - even if the main strength of the game was its PvP.

Amidst all the news of the massive amounts of money being made by Star Citizen, the team have streamed an update, and things are looking good. Skip ahead to the timecodes mentioned in the post, and check out the procedural damage, shields tech, and some of the Q&A towards the end. Shiny indeed.

In Short

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    @junglist "It would ensure gamers could still play the game they payed for" It's spelt paid.
    Meanwhile, this youtube copyright thing is going to annoy a lot of people from the sounds of things.

      Jeebus Scree, there's no need to be so rude.

        I wasn't trying to be rude, I was trying to be helpful =(

      Correct, and fixed!

        Sorry, I didn't mean to come off as rude. I was trying to help.

    Probably not the time or place for this suggestion, but it's as good a spot as any.
    (Probably more a question for wee lahddie Serrels than Work Experience Kid Jung (lol i kid, i kid :) man oh man gg became completely unbearable to watch since you got the boot, just no depth at all in the reviews now, quit watching for good 12 months ago, off topic, sorry, but that still pains me))

    To Kotaku web design guy/s:
    Any chance on having an option in my profile to change the number of articles displayed per page? Currently it's locked at 10, which isn't really enough IMO, I'd like to set 20 or 30 articles per page.

      I would think it probably best to ask again after the holiday season when all the regular workers are back on the job. :)

        Yeah I agree completely, but the thought came to be just now, I'll repost in the new year :)

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