While You Were Sleeping

Brace yourselves. Christmas is coming. There's nothing we can do to stop it. Grab your consoles and controllers; PCs and peripherals and head to your bunkers now. We'll ride this Yuletide storm out together.

Here's some reading material to take into the bunker with you.

If you only watch one video before the Christmapocalypse rolls around (it's a thing, alright?), make it the hysterical nonsense of The Wiggles in Day Z Standalone Alpha. So amazing.

Nintendo continues to make ads that suck. I can't stop watching this GIF. Still not as hilarious as the "accidentally sexy" Diana Aggron commercials, mind you.

Meanwhile, Microsoft isn't great at censoring content. Make sure you don't go searching for Christmas Carols with your nan around.

You should definitely read this awesome profile of George Yao, Clash of Clans champion. At one point, he was taking fistfuls of iPads into the shower to maintain his ranking. Christ.

If you want to get really crazy with your PC modding, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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Merry Christmas Eve!


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