While You Were Sleeping

As 2013 wound to an end, things were happening in the world of gaming. Just not many of them. Focus on the Hippo instead. It's what I'd do.

So what actually happened over the weekend?

I'd never have survived Christmas day giving my own kids a fake console box for Christmas, but this is apparently what people do. Mean, nasty people; I get that it's a prank but I think it's a harsh thing to do to kids.

I've only just started playing Battlefield 4 — and even then only really lightly — but even I can't be too surprised that China's officially banned the game, although it wasn't actually available for sale there in any case.

Facial control of your video game character still strikes me as one of those things that feels like it's "from the future", even though it's been a reality for webcams for years and years now. It's also something that's rife with... less than salubrious possibilities, but that doesn't stop people from trying it out every now and then.

In Short

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Image: Rennet Stowe


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