While You Were Sleeping

This is it. 2013 is about to be consigned to the history books, and you've had your last overnight snooze of the year. Things were happening while you were busy being a Viking.

Image: Jessica Merz

You know those TV Tabloid style "won't anyone think of the children" style anti-gaming stories? The next time anyone busts anyone of those on you, simply refer to this excellent lad who saved his family due to his extreme dedication to videogaming. A gold star is appropriate, I think.

I wasn't that thrilled by Call Of Duty: Ghosts — and clearly I wasn't alone — but I could perhaps be more drawn into it as a text adventure. Then again, my old school roots are probably showing.

Actually, they're definitely showing; not only can I remember when Resident Evil was a sparkly new bit of IP, but I can reach my original Playstation copy from where I'm writing this. Still, Capcom's own analysis of Resident Evil's future makes for interesting, if rather grim reading.

In short

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    Why the hell is there a picture of a dead hippo on the front page?

      He's not dead. He's just resting.

      Beautiful plumage.

        ahhh he looks dead Alex. Cant u post like a happy hippo dancing or swimming. like can somone check his pulse or something.

        Last edited 31/12/13 11:31 am

          But it's "While You Were Sleeping".

          If I changed it to "While you were happy and dancing", when Mark returns, he'd do dark, terrible, painful things to me.

          I've already said too much.

    Well then you would know how the hippo felt. Good day to you sir.

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