Woman Tortured As Kidnappers Demand A PSP For Her Release

Woman Tortured as Kidnappers Demand a PSP for Her Release

A Las Vegas woman was tied to a chair for six hours, had her head shaved and was forced to take pills and drink alcoholic drinks while her captors demanded a PSP as ransom, according to local news reports yesterday. Both suspects are still at large.

The victim, a 30-year-old woman, also had had her clothes torn off while her captors threatened to "find someone with AIDS to have sex with her," according to a police report also released Friday. Her captors also threatened to cut off her lips, behead her, and show her head to her children.

The suspects are named Christopher Hunter and Rosa Garcia, according to an indictment handed up Friday. Investigators say the victim knew both prior to the attack, which happened Nov. 14. That afternoon, she was accosted outside of her apartment and beaten, then dragged inside and bound to a chair with electrical cords.

The suspects told a friend of the victim, who had been with her when the attack occurred, that they would kill her if he did not bring "a Playstation gaming system" as ransom by 8 p.m., reported the Las Vegas Sun.

KTNV-TV and KSNV-TV (see video at link) of Las Vegas both reported last night that her captors demanded a PSP. The friend was sent off in search of the device but returned empty handed, and the ransom deadline was extended by two hours.

As she was bound, the woman had parts of her hair shaved off and she was forced to ingest pills and alcohol while bound to the chair, the report said. Police ultimately were called to the scene at 7:30 p.m. and Garcia is said to have untied her before all three walked outside. Police found hair trimmings and evidence showing the woman had been bound.

Garcia and Hunter face charges of kidnapping, assault and battery. The Sun said both were arrested at the scene on Nov. 14. KTNV-TV said the two are, for some unexplained reason, not currently in custody. KTNV reported they were released after being processed, while investigators gathered additional evidence in the case. Once they are found, KTNV says the pair will also face attempted murder charges.

Woman allegedly kidnapped, tortured for Playstation device [KTNV-TV]

Two indicted for holding woman ransom for a Playstation [KSN-TV]


    Where did you get that it was a PSP? Makes more sense that they would have been after a PS4.

      Nah they probably wanted a PS1. Vintage man. Vintage.

    Was it a specific PSP? Might have had evidence on it, they do sound like wrong'uns

    Let me get this straight, two people beat and kidnap a woman, tied her to a chair, tortured her and threatened to kill her for a freakin' PSP. How old are these people, 12?

    Also, the two kidnappers and the victim all supposedly walked out when the police were there, yet both suspects are STILL AT LARGE. How does this happen, were the cops high or something.

    Only in America.

      Based on the confusing (& conflicting) reports, I'd say they're probably out on bail.

      No they are not 12. They are black and hispanic. If you do a quick google search you will find a plethora of cases where members of these minority groups have murdered children for cell phones or items worth less than 20 dollars.

    pretty sure they meant PCP - who tf wants a psp pmsl

    I know Sony did some dubious fake-viral marketing stuff for the PSP years ago, but this really takes the cake...

    What, why didn't the women just say "uh yo guys I'll buy you a psp..."

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